Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May "Catch up" ramblings

Haven't been blogging much of late as I have been busy and fell sick. It's been two days now since I caught some bug. Headaches, nausea, vertigo, vomiting and diarrhea. Miserable two days but feeling much better now. Just headaches and diarrhea now.

Mothers Day was nice despite being a busy day. Preached the Mothers Day sermon and then we had a finger food lunch prepared by fathers and children. Mothers were not allowed to cook or bring food, or clean up etc. There was a lot of food and I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and how enthusiastic everyone was. Some of the food was prepared and cooked by young children and it was very good. My experimental curry puffs was well received despite the weird sizes and shapes. LOL Duh! Don't know why I never thought of cutting the pastry into circles!! :-( Oh well, next time ...

After lunch was our overdue church leadership committee meeting. Then home for a short rest and early dinner (Malaysian food at our favourite Malaysian restaurant) and then off for a youth teachers / leaders meeting.

Monday I went for a minor op. (Don't ask! :-)) so I took two days off to recover and relax ... and of course had to catch some kind of stomach bug which ruined my R & R. *sigh* It happens :-(
At least I wasn't as miserable as when I was at Langkawi and got so sea sick on the ferry and platform that I threw up a record 21 times. Yes I counted as it was one of the things I did to try and keep sane and not spoil everyone else's holiday...

Andrew is learning about learning to deal the "poilitcs' of working life. Good life lessons ... as we believe he was taken advantage of (i.e. cheated) by his immediate boss. Hopefully he will be bale to settle the matters tomorrow. And I think it is great that he is learning about some of the challenges of leadership as a youth leader. A lot to do and he will have to learn to lean on God.

Not sure about how much time I have to blog ovet the next week or so. A lot to do. Preaching the next 3 Sundays, a few important extra matters to handle in addition to my usual responsibilities. But am looking forward to the challenges. Will be preaching the Sunday sermon at another church too for the first time in 2 weeks so that too will be a new experience to look foward to. Am blocking out Tuesday nights too as a ministry free night which I think is a good thing to do. This is one way to make sure I get in some R & R.


  1. is it possible to even throw up 21 times in a row??? i feel your (past) pain as i know how it feels to be seasick. you can't control it and you keep feeling as if you really should be able to control it . . . . but of course, it's impossible.

    hmm, maybe the headache is from dehydration (from diarrhea). best with the next few weeks! i'm going to be busier than i thought too. sigh.

  2. 21 times is possible if you do it over 12 hours or more :-)

    Threw up till there was nothing and then had to eat or drink something to ease the pain of throw to throw up on an empty stomach. Then will feel better than - starts again and "so it continues both day and night" . :-)

    it's a bug a friend of mine caught as well over a month ago. he was done for 3 days and had it bad. I think I had a milder version so gain I am grateful. Feel better now as I went out to to post office etc. Fresh air and sunshine (with a slight drizzle) does wonders