Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Geoffrey Woo Ramblings

It was nice to reconnect with Geoffrey via Facebook (Yes FB has it's positives) earlier this year. I first met him more than 25 years ago! And I got to know him and his heart when we served together in a special SU Camp. That was the year too I first got to know my good friend Allan Yong. Allan Yong became an inspiration for me (a good role model of a man of God on fire for God ... and he still is) especially in the area of youth work (but that is another story)

Anyway Geoff (now may be known as Geo?) made a big impression on me as well. Down to earth and to me a bit of an "eccentric"! A "greenie" before being green was "an in-thing". He would cycle practically everywhere on his bike, often turning up sweaty! :-) But he had a passion for Jesus that was very evident (and I hear that this passion has not waned but has kept growing! Praise God!)

One major thing I picked up from him that still has remained as a huge impression on me was his deep sense of call and the willingness to follow that call no matter what the circumstances. Without a clear sense of calling and a vibrant walk with Christ, it would have been plain foolishness for an Engineering grad from an Australian University to decide not to be an Engineer but a full time Christian musician (this was the 80s and in Malaysia). Especially since his music was not exactly the kind of music that was "popular". When I decided to enter seminary in response to what I believe was God's call, some of his songs were an integral part of what helped kept me going. In fact I went against the trend when in our graduation magazine I did not use as my defining words (what you need to write under your picture) any Bible verse or words of a great theologian or pastor. *Gasp* yes I know, that sounds terrible. Instead I used the chorus from one of his songs "Where He Leads"

Where He Leads I will follow
Where He sends me I am prepared to go
For I know if it's in His will
That's the safest place to be in,  I know.

The reason was simply that these words were biblically sound and the words of the song best expressed my calling and convictions in a way that RESONATED with my soul (one of my current favourite words is "resonate" :-) ) And it still does and this song is what The Holy Spirit often uses to calm my heart in times I face crossroads or challenges.

Here's the lyrics of the whole song ...

where HE leads, i will follow
where HE sends me, i am prepared to go
for as long as it's in HIS will
that's the safest place to be in, i know

the world is a place of suffering and pain
wherever we turn there's no relief at all
but there is someone apart from this world
just open your ears and you'll hear HIS call
for HE has promised us rest in the storm
to always pick us up whenever we fall
HE set us free from the prison of death
when HE entered and broke down the wall
so say...

whoever shall call on the name of the LORD
shall surely be saved and live evermore
but how can they call, how can they believe
when they have not heard of JESUS before?
how can they hear when there's noone to preach
of grace so abundant for them, and much more?
how beautiful are the feet of such people
who bring them glad tidings of what's in store!
won't you say...?

the promise of GOD is there in HIS WORD
and HE will supply whatever i need
i won't be concerned with problems ahead
for this i believe - my prayers HE'll heed
so i will go to tell of HIS love
to preach from HIS WORD, to bury that seed
and with the power of the SPIRIT within
to freedom HIS sheep i will lead
and i'll say...

There are there other songs of course - among them "Just One life", "Make Me a Disciple", "That I May know Him", ".... there are more :-)

Another other thing about Geoff that made an impression on me was how practically every time I was with him, he would have his compact Bible with him and would be reading. As I reflected in later years on the lyrics of his songs that made such a lasting impression on my life, I realized that they grew out of life of committed discipleship which included learning to saturate himself with the teachings of the Bible.

When I was doing my B.Th in seminary, I even convinced the Chapel Master to invite Geoff to sing at the English Department chapel in place of the usual sermon!

Anyway I am blogging on Geoff because yesterday I received from Geoff his 2 music CDs. And I am happily listening to them now as I do my work. Back in the 80s I bought every cassette that Geoff released but all of them had long since have become unplayable! :-(

It's nice to have a chance to listen to my old favourites as well as listen to the newer songs that I have not heard yet.

To get a taste of his songs (some free downloads too!) go HERE

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  1. thx for the encouragement bro. deeply appreciated. just one life impacted makes it all worthwhile ;)