Saturday, April 14, 2012

no excuse for defeatism

A really timely reminder for me ... as "the decadence of civilization" has of late been getting me down ...

“It is too easy to find an excuse for inaction by pleading the decadence of civilization, or even the imminent end of the world. This defeatism, whether it be innate or acquired or a mere affection, seems to me the besetting temptation of our time. Defeatism is invariably unhealthy and impotent; can we also prove that it is unjustified? I think so.”
- Teilhard de Chardinfrom Building the Earth


  1. Defeatism seems like a cousin of fatalism.

    Hope things are well with you Paul. I have been on a blogging sabbatical and am glad to be reading your blog again.

    Blessings, Bob

  2. Bob

    I am well thanks. Just feeling more tired of late ... hence less temporarily mentally and emotionally less resilient and optimistic? :-)