Thursday, November 3, 2011

Light Party 2011 magic show at KCC

Some photos of parts of my magic show performed for our church's Light Party 2011. Thanks Liann for taking these photos!

settling down for the show after games

The Light Party theme for the year was "Under the Sea"

One of my favourite opening games that I had not  done for 2 years

Using my magic box that stores my magic for a show and
doubles as a table and a close up mat if needed

due to time constraints, I cut out a few effects.

This is the part I love the most - picking a volunteer :-)

I love this part too when I somehow "escape"  after "messing up" :-)

decided to add on to my cups and water trick with  balloons

Teaching how to make a simple balloon octopus

Yeah! Nothing popped :-)

Still surprises me how many children want to volunteer despite the fact that they
could get very wet because they want a nice balloon sculpture

Part two of the trick

Setting up my version of a new trick added to my routine learnt from
a fellow magician Keith (from IBM 160)

audience participation to make sure I don't "cheat". 

I like the concept of choosing a random volunteer with a balloon.
The revelation of my prediction ... which is later shown to be woefully "wrong"

My fellow magician Francis Wee (just turned seven) who comes up to rescue me
and try to fix my embarrassing mistake

And Francis does it and rescues me by producing MILK!
Whew! I am glad to see this picture that the volunteer is happy as I remember he
had a huge look of shock on his face when milk exploded from the can.
he had patches of milk on his face and clothes. 

One of my favourites - the production of  jelly beans that also with a
fire safety message built in

Teaching my adult volunteer how to use the safety lighter

A bit of fire always gets a good response :-)

And tadah .... 

I changed my "teach a trick" effect with a surprise ending this year.
Very visual and I  can pass out  mini versions :-)


  1. favorite part of my too-few visits with you and jennifer: learning some secrets to some tricks!! did u know that if u didn't share them with me i wldn't be able to sleep at night???

  2. "watcha talking about Z"? (said in the manner of the late Gary Coleman) We magicians never reveal secrets to non magicians!
    So I don't get raked over the coals by my fellow magicians, Z has been very helpful buying me magic related things, and is very discreet (at least about the secrets :-))so ... a little leeway is acceptable. LOL

  3. i still have a US 2-dollar coin that you wanted.....i know i have it, i just don't know where i've put it, hahaah!!

    yeah, secrets are safe with me because i forget them five minutes after hearing them.

  4. Z ... $$ in my eyes :-)Hope you do find the elusive disappearing coin