Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random photos but mostly of my little garden

Took these photos a couple of weeks ago. Got a few spare moments so uploading them.

My blueberry bush. I bought one a 2.5 years ago but the ground  I planted in  was too harsh for it,
so it died (at least that is my excuse :-)) but someone else who is a good gardener had a similar
problem so I think this is the reason ....
This one is about 1 year old now and I decided to plant it in a pot for better control
and it is already fruiting. Did not expect berries so fast!
Better cover with some netting soon or the birds will eat them all up

I am so happy that my dwarf apple tree is "rebudding"(?) ...
It is almost 2 years old and all the leaves died and fell off before winter!
The leaves were attacked by insects and were rotting and I made a big
error of putting in the wrong fertilizer (same ones I use for my feijoa trees).
I checked with the nursery and they told me that that fertilizer was NOT meant for
trees in pots at it would be too strong.
Leaves fell off and the tree seemed to die.
But I kept it in the pot hoping for a small plant miracle
and a few weeks ago, new buds and leaves started coming out! :-)

This is my dwarf lemon tree (6 months old) as I find that I now use lemons often in my cooking
and thought it would be nice to have a lemon tree.
Wow. Did not expect again to see so many flower buds. A bit confused as it is now summer and
I thought it was a winter fruit.
The pot on the right (half cut off) is my "kaffir lime" tree which i still going strong (a year old I think?)

Luca - a semi-regular visitor to our church. He is a most lovable young boy.
Here he is with a present he won (our church "lucky draw" for registrants of our recent
"Light Party"). Went to visit him with my fellow junior magician Francis to visit and present him
with his prize. He was so cute ... drew me a tank you picture (for the magic show and the present)
and addressed it to "Pass the Paul"

One of my church neighbor's BBQ :-) Four piglets on a spit.
No I did not attend the party - just chatted with them over the fence
and took this photo. 

My two modified planter boxes. In the foreground are some of my chilli plants.
Background is my row of salad leaves.

This was my first batch of 2011 strawberries from my garden. 

This was picked on Sunday and took this photo this morning of the strawberries
which I placed in a large bowl. Different sizes and may not look so great but
different people who have tasted them tell me they are very sweet and not sour :-)
Must be my TLC :-)

2 weeks ago, took a photo of my strawberry plants

My strawberry plants - wider view. I have them growing in front of my house

Some of my other plants in my odd shaped planter box (formerly a sand pit) .
Messy I know .... There's taro, potato, salad, carrots, beans and tomatoes. 


  1. wow, you have a lot of plants and fruit trees!! can you feed your family from your garden alone???? blueberries are one of my favorite fruits, i'm so envious! can't you plant more than one pot?? that way you'd have a TON of berries!!!

  2. Z, Actually my veg plot is very small and fruit trees are still tiny / young.
    It's more for fun and an excuse to make me go outdoors more and get a little exercise.
    Little space for more plants or trees - hence choosing dwarf varieties that can be planted in pots.
    Eating my own veg and fruit is certainly very satisfying