Friday, August 19, 2011

Catch up random ramblings August 2011

Been a while since I blogged on personal matters. Got a bit of time between appointments so ...

1. Been doing more cooking the last few months. More therapeutic than gardening especially since it is winter :-)
And my drop in unexpectedly to bring some soup or a small hot dish to various church members homes (older members) has been very successful and encouraging and fun.
Been experimenting with soups of late as hot soup tastes really good in winter.

2. Signed up as a member of a political party (NZ not Malaysia). First time ever doing this. Which party? I will not answer this question :-) Why? Don't think I should as a pastor.
But I do think this would make a difference (at least to me first). I see NZ slowly going down the drain in so many areas that matter to me. Perhaps membership would help?

3. Eldest son now has a car. Bought it with his hard earned money. Good on him! Last sentence I think is grammatically wrong ... but it's a Kiwi things to say "Good on you, mate"? :-)
Worries me a bit sometimes as with his own car and a full license, he has no "curfew". But then, I have to trust he is sensible and has good values so ....

4. Insomnia seems to have passed! Finally! Yeah!! And glad that no more bites that keeps me scratching and up late at night / early morning. I now don't feel as tired as I used to.
And adapted to the colder weather too. I am glad I spent a large portion of our savings a couple years ago on upgrading our house insulation and getting a heat pump for the living room / hall. Sure makes a difference when it is cold.

5. Looking forward to spring to begin planting my vegetables and some flowers. But not looking forward to preparing the garden for planting. If weather is good on Monday - no excuses :-( This season I am going for my usual ... chillies, tomatoes and long beans (long beans was a flop last season) and adding in more herbs. Was amazed that my coriander thrived in winter as did my galangal. Will plant basel again as I do like the flavour. My "assam plant" (not sure what is actually is called but it is planted for the leaves) is also doing so well.

I may have killed off my dwarf apple tree ... and my blue berry bush is probably dead too :-( My feijoa trees are well! But my macadamia tree is struggling - no matter how I prop it up, the wind has been so strong that it tilts and is now at a 45 degree angle :-(
But my lemon tree and limau kafir plants are doing well ....

Going to plant taro in my garden. It's my Islander influence .... and am glad a church member Tongan is going to give me some of his plants (As he is too old with arthiritis to care for them). Yes, cheaper to make Lupulu / Pasulami.

6. Magic is picking up too. Got a beautiful large box made for shows. Now can have all my props for a show in one place. Can wheel it in, open and set up in under a minute .... and can pack up and lock up after in Still adding my personal touches and still have some work to do on it.
Was fun too a couple of weeks ago being invited not just to preach a Sunday sermon but also do a magic sermon for the children during sermon. Of course adults also love the magic part though not many might openly admit it :-)
Nice too that next month after sooooo long, there will be two magic workshops - and they do not clash with any night meetings. :-) Sean Taylor and Oscar Munoz - both on children's magic. But no spending money on magic though ....

Ok, got to go ...keep in touch.


  1. so glad to hear of how many things are going well!! political participation is always good. :):)

    one of these day, you're going to have to upload a video of you doing magic!!!!!!

  2. nice.. :) we've got a basil plant from wai yee.. smells nice :)