Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KCC 20 March 2011 Sunday worship

We had my old friend Geoffrey Woo speak / sing at KCC last Sunday. Hah! He went way over time! :-) But it was a blessed meeting. Many of the older folks gave me good feedback.

But it was a special meeting for me for another reason too. New people getting up to serve.  And to help me try to bring an Island feel to the worship (if that makes sense).

Audrey on the piano after a lapse of 20 plus years! Was good to have Kimberly singing too (next time with the ukulele too?) And so nice to have my two boys helping with the music - drums, guitar / bass. 

And Sia and Kata - our wonderful consistent PI couple. Though their boys got the jitters at the last minute - it was still so cool, especially to have Kata a Samoan teach the Samoan verse of Glory Glory Lord and lead us! And it was "way cool" to have Sia be so totally relaxed and naturally bubble over up front, swaying and clapping while he sung. He helped get me swaying and moving naturally as I played the guitar (and those who know me, know I am quite a klutz and have a reputation of having 2 left feet :-)

So much positive feedback from various members on the service. Thank you Lord! 

Pictures by Ken. Thanks Buddy! But typically when I upload I never seem to know how to get it in chronological order ... :-)

Geoff or Geo introducing himself

Sia lost in worship - this is what I wanted him for! Natural Island style rhythm
that is contagious! (Even if he was too shy to face the congregation directly.

Kata, teaching us how to pronounce the Samoan words

Steven ...

Audrey and Andrew ...

Back up vocalists - Kata, Julia, Kimberly and Sia

Yours truly - after 2 songs - i had to lose the coat! Got too hot! :-)

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