Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Insincere Government backing down in Alkitab row?

IGovernment backs down in Alkitab row ahead of Sarawak polls

That's the news bulletin but isn't this not just a little late but way too late?

If this was 10 years ago and the elections (polls) were not just around the corner, I would have been joyful and positive. Sadly I have become cynical as my immediate response in my mind and heart was skepticism and distrust AND wanting to know if the BN govt is actually sincere.

Why has KDN and the minister in charge not apologized? 

There is no real evidence that the govt will not change the goal posts again if they win Sarawak. It's easy to promise. It's the actual implementation that is the question 

And why is Idris Jala asked to do the talking on behalf of the government? Yes, I know he is a Christian but that should not be the point. This is to me tantamount to admitting that the inter religious relationship / situation in Malaysia is so bad now that a Muslim minister cannot / will not / is unable / unsuitable to discuss this matter because it is related to a non Muslim religion? Haram to talk to the country's accepted Christian leaders?

Idris Jala is not the one responsible for this mess, the Home Minister is. Every step of the way he has refused to accept even the remotest shred of responsibility. He keeps putting the blame on the Christians and tells lies. And any news reports that shows him in a bad light, he censors and has removed by threatening to revoke their publishing licenses? 

If he had the guts and decency to be honest and stop trying to "save face", maybe I would be less inclined to be skeptical. 

Not the way to instill confidence in the government's sincerity. 

The BN government coffers are overflowing with money. If the offer was that the govt will pay for the Bibles to be replaced, then  it would been something. Why should these "donors" have to bear the cost? 

Too many suspicious and insincere actions in the past that needs a lot more than this one small gesture of "compromise". :-(

And is it really true that stamping and serializing of the Qurans is standard procedure? Will some Muslims in Malaysia be willing to verify this as a fact? I am skeptical because I am right now looking at a copy of the Quran which was bought in Malaysia, which in turn was imported and  printed in Saudi Arabia, (from King Fahd, Holy Quran Printing Complex so endorsed by the Saudi religious authorities) BUT it has no stamp and serial number.

And BTW, will saying this get me in trouble and arrested because I am not allowed to have a copy of the Quran? :-(

That's it out of my system I hope....

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