Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ten books for Ten dollars

After my morning visitation cum brunch with a "former church member", I passed by a $1 book sale run by the Lions club of New Lynn (which is a suburb in West Auckland). So I made a detour and went to check out the books.

Last time I went to this sale I bought a couple of books - nothing much of interest to me as the bulk of the books are fiction novels.But this time I found a few interesting books amongst the pile of books and magazines.

Ended up with ten books. Is it worth spending the money on? I think so as if I do gain one thing out of each book, I think it's a great investment. I saw a few Star Trek novels and Part 2 of the Fellowship of the Rings! But did not buy them as I already have the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it won't be a priority for me to read Star Trek novels - would rather borrow graphic novels from he local library :-)

But here's what I bought ...

3 cook books :-) 2 books on mirco wave cooking. As this year I want to work on learning some desserts, this seemed like a good way to work on some fast recipes. Saw a few that looked interesting in one book, and thought, why not get a second book as well? Interestingly one is a Sanyo book and another a Toshiba book, so I think they were books that came with the microwaves ... The third book' title caught my eye "Recipes from the Pacific Rim" - regional specialities from West Coast of  USA, Mexico and Hawaii ... crab wontons look yummy ....

Then I bought two books on gardening - "Gardeners guide to Perennial". Looks a bit too complicated a book for me but since I started planting some perennials last spring and they turned out pretty well, thought it would be a good reference guide to have handy. The other is a step by step guide to the Flower Garden. I hope this will come in handy if I have a little extra time this year to try and beautify a test section of my little garden plot.

I bought a book on Buddhism "The Buddha's Ancient Path"  by a Sri Lankan monk and scholar. Looks to be a good reference book.

Then an interesting book on scientific facts - fun contemporary layout - like one of the dummies book. Catchy title: "Munching maggots, Noah's Flood and TV heart attacks, and other catclysmic science moments Looks to be fun easy reading and educational general knowledge.

Bought a heavy scholarly book "Jerusalem: a city and its future" published by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel studies. Fairly recent publication too - 2002. Looks very interesting and though I doubt I would be spending a lot of time reading the book cover to cover, the two chapters on the Temple Mount is something I hope to read soon. Spoke to a young Jew recently (looks after the Jewish library I am a member of) late last year and he told me something that piqued my interest. Serious religious Jews do not visit the Temple Mount! Not so much a political reason but a religious one. It interests me to find out more about the reasons and implications.

Last two books - took me by surprise - The Abingdon Preaching Annual 1998! Nice :-) And "The Magical Math book" by Bob Longe. Definitely worth the money.

Okay, going to stop now and do a little reading. Yeah NZ life is good!

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