Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of work? for 2011

It's back to the office today - though it seems strange as roads are almost deserted! Very quiet indeed. When Kiwis take the summer off, they really do take it seriously :-) A bit disturbing though as most GPs are closed for weeks! And I discovered that my car tyre has a tear and I when I try to inflate it, air comes out. But all the tyre shops are closed! Even the counselling centres are closed for another couple of weeks! Christmas time till mid Jan is definitely not a time to have an emergency!

But for me, wow! The list of things to do is pretty long (no pun intended at all!) Just glad that youth meetings and home groups will not resume till next month - some breathing space. So what do I have lined up for the first quarter of 2011?

1. Eight Sunday sermons
2. Youth Bible studies to prepare and help teach (and a major Youth ministry committee meeting next week!)
3. Old Testament survey class to work on and teach - hope to start in Feb and might be a longer term weekly thing, as I hope it may also double as a form of discipleship?
4. Home group Bible studies to prepare (and for some to teach)
5. Greg Laurie Harvest Rally work - not just planning meetings but I need to help motivate and mobilize my church members to get excited and be involved
6. Chinese New Year outreach special - coordinate and prepare a gospel magic show and message.
7. Lots of visitation planned
8. An overseas guest and speaker to host
9. Church picnic
2011 looks to be another busy but I trust blessed year!

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