Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another special Sunday 3rd October 2010

Last Sunday was another special Sunday - the FAITH HOME group took over the service, and we had a special celebration - Lye Chye and Siong Twee's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Photos of course by our church photographer Ken B.

This was an additional nice surprise. Ben who has been coming to our church for many months now bought himself a really nice Bible as part of his journey of faith and wanted to know if I could present it to him and pray for him. So we did this as part of the announcements. It is amazing really how God works. Ben is still seeking Jesus and his decision to make this public and ask for public prayer, and his commitment to invest in a good Bible and read it is such a huge encouragement!

Nice to see GROUP leader Pam agreeing to read Scripture from the pulpit especially since she is most comfortable and gifted as a super behind the scenes servant.

Even my wife was not spared! She had to pray for the offering!

This was a HUGE highlight. Getting Michael to come up and share his testimony. He is a simple, gentle and godly man and a former Pastor from Fji. (Some of us still call him Pastor Michael). He is not very comfortable using English - even in prayer meetings, he will use Hindi but he got up and shared and at the start of his sharing, he broke down in tears as he recounted how Jesus saved him from a life of anger and alcoholism. Hard to imagine this man being an abusive person. Again a wonderful example of God's grace to see someone who still gets so moved when he thinks of God's love. Talk about not forgetting one's first love!

Another inspiration to me! Maureen playing the piano. She is a good piano player but does not play for us regularly as as she has arthritis and a recent stroke left one of her hands very weak. Yet she agreed to play as part of her group's team effort.

This I found funny. The lady on the right helping with the communion looks like a Muslim woman dressed up in a full burqa outfit! Actually it is the angle where her long hair is covering her face's profile :-) But what a wonderful "vision" - enough said! 

The 25th Anniversary cake!

The chefs - Nilesh and Davina with mouth watering Indian cuisine.

After Sam gave his speech honoring (and roasting!) his parents on behalf of his siblings.

The Saw family - Sam, Sarah, Lye Chye, Siong Twee and Matt. One of the great blessings to our church!

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