Thursday, September 30, 2010

Right-turn rule to change but not before World Cup (NZ Herald)

Finally! Though the problem will be that I have gotten used to the NZ give way rules and will have to relearn. Hope there are no additional accidents due to this transitional change ...

Right-turn rule to change but not before World Cup

A big advertising campaign will prepare drivers for a change to the idiosyncratic right-of-way road rules, but the change will not come until after the Rugby World Cup.
Transport Minister Steven Joyce yesterday confirmed that give-way rules for turning vehicles would be brought into line with the rest of the world by early 2012.
He said the Government did consider bringing the law change in before next year's cup, which is expected to attract up to 85,000 visitors to the country, many of whom will be driving and will be unused to the quirky rule.
"But it just isn't practical to bring it in in time. You've got to have time for the rule change and the consultation which is prescribed in legislation. You would end up doing it right on the World Cup."
The rule, which dates back to the late 1970s, says vehicles turning left at an intersection have to give way to right-turning traffic coming towards them. The change flagged this year and confirmed yesterday by Mr Joyce will mean left-turning vehicles will have right of way.
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