Friday, September 3, 2010

Gardening update

When the weather is good and time permits, I have been doing gardening over the last couple of weeks. It's been fun and therapeutic. So much to learn.

Salad plants that survived winter. These grew from seeds that came out of one my original salad plants and I transferred them over a month ago to this container. The seeds were not planned :-) Bonus from God!

Reorganized this planter box as the plants planted last year all over in different places have grown new shoots and I have sufficient to replant and reorganize. The various flax plants were removed last year. The scrawny looking plant near the middle is a blueberry bush.Hope it makes it and I get to at least see lots of green in summer.

Reorganized and replanted too

Planted flower seeds for this planter box. Some I planted about 10 days back so I hope to see some green shoots next week.

Over a year ago I bought just ONE strawberry plant. I have been looking after this one plants and it not only made it survived a harsh winter outside, it thrived. Even now it has flowers! I transplanted it twice and last week divided up the plant and replanted it into rows of strawberry plants. Hope that I can manage the birds and other predators when they start to fruit as I decided to plant it in the front of my house!

These are two of three chilly plants that survived the winter frost. Note these chilly plants has been fruiting the whole year round. Nice - though the chillies while fresh look like half dried chillies due to the cold.

Some other plants that made it. My lemon grass plants - I had one small stalk which grew and I separated  into three lots. Two survived. And my mint plants - the every hardy mint. My shallots!! And my "daun kesum"- another hardy plant that is thriving.

My sand pit where I have been experimenting with my vegetables. I hope to clean it up in the next few days so I can construct a proper planter box next week.

In this garden bag I have my potato plant. I transferred it from my sand pit and it is very exciting to see the many tiny baby potatoes stuck to it. So it has been growing quietly. Planting in a bag idea was given to me by a Kiwi magician friend. The idea is to let add earth every time you see the leaves coming out so that eventually I have layers of potatoes in a nice tall bag.Looking forward to seeing how many potatoes I can get from my one original potato.

Timber that my friend Sam the builder cum chef helped me buy. He is going to teach and help me transform my sandpit into a planter box. I am looking forward to this project. So much to learn.

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