Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter holiday kitchen experiments

The long Easter weekend gave me the opportunity to fool around in the kitchen.

I tried Z's "Very lemony chicken". It turned our okay - but not exactly wonderful for me as I confirmed that I don't like vinegar dishes - too sour for my personal taste buds :-( I added sugar in the dish to compensate! LOL  But the leftover chicken tasted great in my maggi mee the next day as it gave the noodles a sort of assam laksa flavour but with chicken not fish which was a little strange but not something that bother me! :-)

I experimented for our next dinner with a chicken dish using lemon grass and some garden herbs. Simple reason is that wife likes chicken and my lemon grass has been growing well and some stalks were getting fat so I thought it was the right timing to use some. Turned out pretty well, and for the next meal Jennifer tried adding in lettuce with the leftovers and it turned out very well too - kind of like a claypot stew taste?  

Today since my boys would be back for dinner and they like pork (like me!) I decide to further experiment with lemon grass and pork and these two photos are the result. The first photo is of the uncooked marinated pork. The second is of the cooked dish. The end of one of the pieces has been sliced off and is in my stomach. :-) Really tasty indeed. I liked how it turned out. After this blog, I will slice up the big pieces into thins slices, drain the gravy into a separate bowl and eat it with rice for dinner! *drool* It has been fun. 

Cooking very early because I have gardening to do *sigh* :-(

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  1. hahaha, i had the same reaction to the lemony chicken! not so great right out of the oven (couldn't use the gravy coz the lemon rinds made it too bitteR) but liked the leftovers enough to finish them. :):)