Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some tree photos

Took these at the International connection gathering ...

First, another shot of the beach soccer game - equally as popular with girls. This girl enjoyed her role as goal keeper - and proudly told me later - that her team won! My son Steven (in the dark green T-Shirt) had a great time playing.

The first photo of the tree ... if you look closely you will see that someone climbed up and put a traffic cone (the orange thing) on top of the tree. The second and third tree photos ... there is a girl up the tree. One of our church youth - Laura who loves climbing trees. Showing the third photo just to indicate how high she climbed. I discovered she was up the tree when I was wondering where she was. I asked her mum and she told me that her daughter was up a tree. I thought she meant one one of those easy ones with the huge limbs. Then I was told it was this tree. I went under the tree but could not see her so I thought her mother was mistaken. Then I realized that I could hear someone singing. I looked but could not see anyone. Then her mum said, "You cannot see her from there, you have to look from very far away." Yikes! She was right. When I took the photo, I think she was already on her way down!

I want her on my next mission trip the moment she turns 18!! :-)

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