Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home made Beef noodles

My latest foray into my culinary world. My beef noodles.... Simple and easy to make and for me a beef lover, simply delicious :-)

I made the stock a few months ago and froze it. Also froze a lot of the the meat (home made corned beef). Then yesterday, Jennifer took it out, I put it in a pot, added water (as it was super thick stock), threw in some cabbage and when the mix started boiling, tossed in the frozen beef to thaw it, then removed it. I let the soup simmer for a while, then got out some rice noodles (bee hoon), placed it in some hot water, drained the water and all ready to eat.

Guess the presentation needs some work but for me, it's the taste that matters :-)

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  1. looks yyummy!! and i can't believe you can grow serai in NZ!!