Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4.2 percent of NZ students cut classes everyday

In the NZ news yesterday and today ...

The Government will double funding to tackle truancy after a survey of schools found more than 30,000 children a day are skipping classes.

The Government acted quickly on its election promise to get tough on truancy, passing legislation under urgency that allowed parents of persistent truants to be fined, and ordering an urgent investigation into truancy levels.

But a Ministry of Education survey released today shows truancy rates remain almost unchanged from 2006, with 4.2 per cent of New Zealand's 750,000 students cutting classes every day.

30,000 kids skipping school a day: what needs to be done? Here is the latest selection of Your Views

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Wow! This is high ... 30,000 a day. But it is not something that is a total surprise to me. As I work near 6 schools, I see children in uniforms casually hanging around outside the school grounds as well as all over the place during school hours. They are not even bothered to conceal the fact that they are students who should be in school.

So sad that so many NZers take for granted the many privileges they have in this country and do not make full use of the opportunities given to them. ...

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