Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch up ramblings - mid Feb 2010

Woohooo! This Sunday sermon's done - passage is on Luke 20:45-21:6.

Still have a headache - bad night due to pain and mosquito bites and had a fever yesterday :-( BUT hardly felt my shingles pain this morning! :-) But still had to take some panadol for the headache ...not much help though :-(

Just had lunch catching up with one of my church youth who is back after a one year teaching stint in Korea. Sadly the Indian restaurant was closed so we ended up at a nearby Wendys. But still it was a nice lunch. Good to hear the many stories of his experiences in Korea.

Steven went back to school last week. He's clearly enjoying being back at school. he was actually sick on the first day of school (due to the heat , flurry of activities and lack of sleep etc at the recent Parachute festival) BUT insisted on going to school. Good for him!

Andrew still waiting for Uni orientation and in the meantime spending lots of time with his GF and happily doing extra shifts at McD. (Good money!) He got into Engineering so that is a big plus for him.

For Jennifer and myself, life as normal ....
Been busy too as there are a number of major events coming up. But a different kind of busy which is different but nice. Actually been focusing more on praying as the main organization of these events are being handled by other people. I am blessed and happy that I have a great team of church members who have taken on these major events with great passion. It's very hard work too! If they did not volunteer I would have had to handle them.
Nice to minister from the back seat.

Chinese New Year celebration (20th Feb) is an outreach event - not just for ethnic Chinese but for all. But this time major parts of the meeting will be done in Mandarin and perhaps some dialects.

Fun Day at Long Beach (27th Feb) is a friendship event that is focuses on new migrants and refugees. Great events this year including boat rides, games, competitions and of course great food.

KCC Gala (6th March) is our initiative to get to know our neighbours and community via games, selling of a variety of food and items (all at a very low price) to bless the poorer people in our community and raise funds for TEAR FUND to support rebuilding projects in Samoa.

Did not originally plan to have three back to back activities but it is due to a series of unforeseen circumstances. It's going to be a busy time but I am sure a blessed time.

One more event too on 13th March for me - but more on that in another post.

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