Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kelston Boys and Auckland Grammar brawl update

Interesting youtube video (uncut) which gives a lot more footage. Especially with the latest Herald report ....

The only rugby player acquitted of wrongdoing after a rugby brawl that resulted in nine players banned from the sport was the one whose actions appear to have sparked the fight.

Punishments as a result of the brawl, which occurred after the semi-final game between Kelston Boys' High and Auckland Grammar's First XVs on August 15, have left the Kelston community reeling.

The five Kelston players - who face bans ranging from 45 to 71 weeks - yesterday lodged appeals against their punishments with the Auckland Rugby Union.

Four Auckland Grammar boys were banned from two to seven weeks and the case against a fifth was not proven.

Outrage over the punishments continued yesterday, with MP David Cunliffe calling them "grossly disproportionate"

Click here for the rest of the story.

Based on the video, I would think the punishments certainly is disproporationate. Kudos to the Kelston No. 11 for how he went around hugging his opponents. Great defusing of the situation. Interesting how from the footage after things have sort of settled down, a player starts things again by "King hitting" a player. I wonder why this has been ignored?

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