Monday, February 8, 2010

Been sick for over a week

Been in a little quiet in the area of blogging as I have been sick for over a week.

All kinds of ailments - from super sensitive skin to a couple of stomach related issues as well as bleeding when passing motion and ... a lot of pain. Symptoms keep "changing"and yesterday what I thought was merely swelling from more and more insect bites seems to be due to the development of shingles. Interestingly, not all the symptoms which has made it difficult for my GP to diagnose (3 visits in over a week). Rashes that seem to fit the shingles patterns only suddenly came up yesterday (that's over a week since I first experienced the nerve pain) and I do not have a fever. But enough of a pattern to suspect that it is shingles. *sigh*

My scheduled gastroscopy and colonscopy (spelling?) now has been postponed due to this new development. Decided to go for these tests (dear wife has been pushing me to do this for almost 2 years now). Personally not that keen as I think the bleeding etc is just over sensitive "piles". But I guess it is best to do them and put to rest any concerns my wife has. Hopefully my medical insurance will cover a high percentage of the procedure costs. Medical costs for such things are very high.

Hope I recover soon. On the bright side, this has made me more empathic of those in pain :-)