Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A to Z regular blessings (part two)

Okay, here's part 2. And yes it is going to take a LONG time to finish. But I am in no hurry and it's a nice exercise for me. Of course I have to stretch my imagination a bit to make things fit but it's no big deal. It's a nice platform to leap into blogging.


Delicious Dishes. Oh yeah! While we eat pretty simply for most meals, every now and then I try to take over cooking a meal or two so I get to eat something deliciously different that is way within the budget. It's really a nice break to do some
cooking and experimenting and it is a joy when a dish turns out well and is appreciated.

I am still experimenting with my roast pork (not Chinese style "siew yok") and the whole family thinks it is mouth watering delicious. On Sunday for a lunch "business" meeting I did my Hokkien Mee for a new crowd. Was not easy as I had to do four batches on Saturday and then put them in the fridge as Sunday is so busy. Four batches due to the larger group and because I have to use my small electric wok (or the heat will be too low). Even my Indian friend loved it ("chee yau char" included) :-) It gives me an added sense of accomplishment when there are requests to "tar pau":-)

I have also been trying to figure out how to make thosai. Right now the best I can do within my time frame is to "cheat" by using a Dokhla" mix. I managed to figure out how to make simple coconut chutney and I am very happy with the taste and texture . Mmmmm... dro

DIY friends. Such a blessing especially in a DIY culture and knowing that I really am not gifted in this area. I have saved so much money and time because I am blessed with DIY friends who come offer and help me fix or put up simple (and difficult) things that I am unable to do. Back in Malaysia too, my "god-brother" would come around and do these things for my us.

Deodorant. This may sound strange but I think there is some truth in the many deodorant ads. Knowing you don't smell bad does help with one's confidence. LOL. I th
ink deodorant is one under appreciated invention. I find it hard to imagine my starting the day without a nice shower that ends with an application of my roll on deodorant :-)


Electricity. This is to me an under appreciated blessing. It amazes me how many things I have that need electricity to run. In a strange way, it is a positive thing that electricity costs so much. Helps me not take it for granted!!

Elders (and Deacons). For someone who works for the church, it is an i
ncredible blessing for me to serve with a group of elders and deacons that are not just godly but have become my friends. They treat me with respect and with fairness. They pray for me
regularly. They give me valuable feedback (and criticism when needed). All this not only makes my ministry enjoyable, but it energizes me especially when the going gets tough. And believe me ... ministry can be tough! Thanks be to God for my church elders and deacons.

Education. I count it a blessing that despite financial constraints and in some respects a lack of academic ability, I have managed to "earn" one diploma (in Business Admin)
and three degrees (ministry and theology). But more than that, I am able to continue with my "informal education" (non traditional?) due to the blessings of books, short courses as well as the wealth of knowledge via the internet. Amazing .... this internet ... continued education via youtube, p
odcasts. blogs, articles, e-mail lists etc. Education is indeed a blessing!!


Family. (Both in the traditional sense and in the biblical sense). A great wife, two wonderful boys. a supportive mum, some amazing uncles and aunts, brothers, nephews and nieces. Wow. And then of course the extended church family that can be found all over the globe. What is special is when family are also friends. Especially since arriving in NZ, family and friends have been here for us in so many ways! This is in turn makes me even more thankful for family and friends back in Malaysia . Nuff said :-)

Feijoas. I love the taste of Feijoas. My favourite fruit. Since it is only available in March -June, Feijoas as a blessing might technically not be seen as a regular blessing BUT .... ev
eryday when I walk through my front door, I see my two Feijoa trees in my garden! It' s been a year now and the tree looks as if it hasn't grown at all! It's still tiny :-( But I ca
n see new buds springing forth so I know that the tree is still alive. I am told I must be patient as it takes a long time to grow (at least 3 years) but once it does, I will get my fruit. My trees are teaching me patience. LOL

More another time ...

addendum: I just realised I only did two for F: So here' my third..

FISH. Meaning my four gold fish / guppies fish in my tiny tank. They have lived for over 2 years which is amazing especially since I did not expect them to live so long. I originally
bought them primarily for a magic trick! In Malaysia despite all the additives to keep the water healthy etc, my previous attempts in keeping fish have resulted in death within 3 months! So over 2 years is pretty amazing! Dr. Haiwan says it has to be the clean water her

Why are these fish a blessing to me? I like to watch them swimming and I like the gentle sound of the gentle splashing of water (from the pump). Very relaxing... and here's ano
ther reason from One BIG FAMILY comic strip I did not think of before which I think is funny but valid (with imagination of course!)

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