Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some random news today that were of interest (to me)

I wonder what this will mean in terms of Marvel comic book storylines ....

Disney catches comics giant in $4B web

LOS ANGELES - Walt Disney is punching its way into the universe of superheroes and their male fans with a deal announced today to buy Marvel Entertainmentfor $4 billion (NZ$5.8 billion), bringing characters such as Iron Man and Spider-Man into the family of Mickey Mouse and Toy Story.

The surprise cash-and-stock deal sent Spidey senses tingling in the comic book world.

Read the report here ... and here ...


More news of violence in school ... Though I suspect this kind of thing makes the news because it seldom happens. One of my church members works at Lynfield College. My NZ cousins studied there ...

Police to speak to teen beaten up in school invasion

Police will today speak with a 14-year-old boy who was beaten by a group of armed teenagers who stormed his Auckland school while he was in class.

The boys, from various schools, entered Lynfield College in Mt Roskill, armed with a softball bat, about 12.30pm on Monday while the victim was in health class. They started punching - and possibly kicking - him in front of about 28 of his Year 11 peers and their teacher.

Read the report here.


Alcohol sanctioned in school ball? Not sure why this school wants to do this and whether their rationale makes sense ...

School to serve alcohol at next week's ball

A Christchurch school says it may be criticised for serving alcohol to under 18-year-olds at its school ball.

Christ's College holds its $175 a head annual school ball next Friday, complete with three-course meal and a full bar, The Press reported.

Headmaster Simon Leese said parents had given written permission for their children to drink alcohol at the event.

He said parents realised that their sons and daughters would be in an unsupervised tertiary environment next year.

Read the report here


This is even stranger to me .... I like the Headmasters comments ...

"What's disappointing for me is that the parents said 'yes we really like the school and we like all the things you do but here's a rule we don't like so we're just going to ignore it'," Mr Hodge said.

He said his secretary's phone rang hot yesterday in reaction to the Herald's story and support was 20 to one in support of the school.

Students will have their ball, parents vow

The ball will go on, say a group of Year 12 parents outraged by Rangitoto College's decision to scrap balls next year.

Allan Parker, whose Year 11 daughter will miss out on her much-anticipated school ball because of the school's decision, said he would be putting on a "bigger and better" ball for both Year 12 and Year 13 students next year.

There would be no alcohol and plenty of parental supervision.

"The kids next year will not miss out on the ball," he said.

Mr Parker is listed as a director of event organising company Sero
Event Management Ltd.

Principal David Hodge said he had no objections to parents staging an event themselves.

"Parents are free to do what they like. They can have a 'Kelly Brown' party on 364 days of the year. Just please don't associate it with the school."

The board voted to cancel next year's ball after staff were deceived by Year 12 students and their parents who claimed there would be no after-ball but then staged a large-scale, organised function in a warehouse in Onehunga.

Read the story here.


Now this I found interesting. Not sure if such measures will actually help but hey, it is a bold attempt to start the ball rolling. Interesting that one gang are willing to abide by the ban, which is an unexpected reaction. Read that story here.

Timaru considers gang patch ban

Timaru will ban gang insignia after Wanganui's new gang patch bylaw is tested in court, the South Island city's mayor says.

A bylaw passed at Wanganui District Council's meeting on Monday night gave police powers to fine patch-wearers $2000 and take possession of their insignia.

The new rule, touted by its supporters as a bid to stomp out gang intimidation, came into force at midnight on Monday.

The first arrest under the bylaw was made about 12 hours later.

Read the report here

Authorities clash over enforcing gang patch ban

Wanganui authorities already disagree over the enforcement of a new ban on gang patches, as gang members prepare to march the city's streets in protest.

Wanganui District Council banned gang insignia from the city at its meeting yesterday, and the bylaw came into force at midnight

Read this report here.

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