Friday, August 7, 2009

Car accident

Had a car accident a few hours ago - my first ever car accident.

My fault though if the other car wasn't speeding, the accident could have been avoided so the the driver was extremely nice and apologetic. I was turning right and had a lapse of concentration and did not see his car coming (hilly slope so suddenly you see the car shooting over the rise). Also he had no warrant of fitness for his car and his registration had also lapsed and another matter or two that shall not be mentioned. So one good thing is that there was no violent confrontations etc. A most pleasant exchange considering the circumstances.

Best thing is that while both cars are write offs (not worth repairing) no one was hurt and no lives lost. I think that now after the adrenaline has worn off, there may be slight injuries but nothing serious. My knees ache a bit as does my back, and I have a little cut on my forehead but no neck injuries. Yay for airbags!!

I know I wanted to get another car but not this way! :-( *sigh* My 3rd party insurance should cover the other person's car cost but I will have to fork out the money for a new used car. Good thing I have money saved for a rainy day though I am kicking myself that I should have to spend rainy day money this way. So so painful to have to spend hard saved money this way. But then it is my fault!!

And so I can expect a traffic ticket in a few days and a $150 fine for not giving way when turning right at an intersection. Officer was nice about it telling me not to worry as these things happen and what was important is that no one was hurt or lives lost. The fine though is least expensive of the costs...

Lessons learnt:

1. Be careful when driving especially when tired.
2. God is good! It pays to pray daily for general protection

Perhaps more later ....

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