Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ramblings on the last week of June 09

Haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy have been a little overwhelmed.

1. My Sunday sermon has too much material and it has been hard to filter out what to keep and what to discard. Still not ready ...

2. I have been playing table tennis with the local High School team for the last two days and my lack of fitness shows :-) On Tuesday had fun sparring with one of the A team players to assist their temporary coach. My role was originally to be one of the drivers to help ferry the boys to training at a local TT club. But yesterday they again had an uneven number and so I volunteered to play so the coach could be free to go around from able to table. Picked up a few good tips myself too.

And yesterday had my first session with the Junior team at the school gym. Three turned up and it was a lot of fun as they enjoyed taking turns to spar with me and were very appreciate of my taking time to play with them. I discussed with the teacher in charge of TT and we felt it would be good to give them some attention as the had no coach. Been reading books on TT at night trying to understand how to coach!

Nice too to get to know some of the boys better and offer them a lift home. Interesting mix of cultural nuances .... And it is nice that the taecher in chareg makes it a point to introduce me to parents and tell them that I am a volunteer that helps with community stuff ... and ends up with mentiopning that I am also the pastor of the local church down the road. Interesting that this last bit tends to get a surprised reaction from people. I wonder why?

3. Almost been going crazy but learning to be patient with my PC problems. Spend a lot of spare time this week while at home reformatting my PC notebook and reinstalling the OS and software from scratch as there were too many conflicts etc and they system was dead slow and too many things crossed linked. It's a DELL and despite having the reinstall OS (Win XP Home edition) and driver disks, it was a huge problem. Kept getting error readings as some drivers would install and half way have an error reading and install itself. I had to try all kinds of strange things and suddenly got it to work! But now it runs very well. So I am happy.

BUT ... my office PC is a bigger pain as it is also a DELL but with the OS Windows Vista Basic. Half my software doesn't run properly (and may I emphasize - legal original software) and when too many just simply stopped working and hanging, I decided to reformat. But it's a DELL so I used an old HDD to do a clean install. Tried my old Win XP CD from my former (now non working PC) and installed but found out that the PC hardware was made for Vista so drivers could not work on XP! So used the DELL Vista OS etc and reinstalled Vista. Running ok but then hit another problem - newer version of my Libronix had a conflict with Vista and the whole programme would not work. One would think a newer version would work better with Vista ... *sigh*

Had to go to the net to find a solution and had to try each option one by one. Not so bad except my Internet connection currently is at its best just twice the speed of a dial up. You can imagine how frustrating the wait can be. Finally got it working early this morning. Of course a lot more to do but it can wait.

4. Also had a few meetings that ate up time - like working with the AV guy to rectify a problem with our AV system. Learnt stuff though so it was good. And a meeting with the new council person in charge of the "well being" of the community area where our church is located. Interesting meeting as she wanted to meet people on the ground. She's Maroi and not a Christian and I invited her to church and she agreed to come one Sunday next month!

5. Also had my first stint selling balloons to raise funds for Project K. Was quite a bit of fun and I look foward to a repeat this Saturday and subsequent Saturdays. Hope to make more friends.

Oh, my latest Pastor's Notes is out. Short one this time.

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