Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random ramblings on a day where almost everything has been "messy"

Not the best day organizationally for me ... My broadband has been giving me problems and finally Telecom agreed to send a technician over but they would not deal with me - long story but basically an elder had to arrange the appointment yesterday and they said 12 PM. So I had to reschedule my later morning visitation and shuffle around my work plans. Then the man turns up a few hours early ... but appointments already rescheduled. Then problem fixed with 4 options given for the next time problem occurs (which are all hassles and would cost money for the church). 20 minutes after the technician leaves .... problem reoccurs. Not his fault though as I think he was professional in doing his job but frustrating that the problem had to reoccur so fast! :-(

Of course I am also having horrendous problems with my MS Vista Basic. Some of my software (genuine) keeps freezing and having to reinstall. Even my firefox hangs every now and then.
So had to bother my church webmaster to make a proposal to solve the problems - which looks like needing to upgrade my OS (since we have a DELL PC configured for Vista and we are not sure if the drivers etc would work if he used XP Professional).

I never realised till recently how many man hours I have wasted because of a buggy PC. That is the only thing that comforts me at the thought of spending money on upgrades etc as it would make work much more efficient.

BTW, am blogging to clear my mind ... Oh and my evening appointment had to be postponed as well which adds to my rescheduling headache... :-(

Been working today on learning how to use Expressions Web 2. Not to develop my own website but just how to know enough to update, add on and modify my church website. In away this is much easier as I do not have to read the manual etc but learning new stuff takes extra effort. I am now basically focusing on accessing just the .htm files and working on editing (which is quite an easy task) and adding in tables and new sub sections on the same page. Bit frustrating as my PC is so slow that when I type in a word in a table cell, the letters don't immediately get entered - a lapse of a couple of seconds ....

Anyway hopefully in a few weeks I will be confident enough to learn how to upload the pages. So I am working on updates for July onwards ... :-)

In the news today ... Give Maori free access to University? I think the idea is pretty dumb. And I am glad that this morning after a TV interview, there were over a thousand responses and it seems just one for it. And many who were appalled by the idea were themselves Maoris.

I really hope this does not become too politicized and gets pushed through. If it does, NZ will be going the way of Malaysia. I do not see how someone who can't complete High School can expect to graduate on merit from University. Unless they have two separate academic criteria which would kill the high respect people have of the NZ universities. To me it has nothing to do with racism (as in trying to oppress Maoris). It has to do with merit.

I remember how last year an Uni of Auckland lecturer was in the news and accused of racism etc when he bluntly told a Middle Eastern student he would not give her an extension as she would not pass her exams as she was doing a Masters course but had a very poor command of English ... and their e-mail correspondence actually proved it. If I am not mistaken he got the sack ....

The sudden cold weather has also messed up my energy levels a bit. Yup, winter is really here. Brrrr... Children's after school activities too has been messy. Games, work, church stuff. I have even more empathy now for single parents as I am the sole chauffeur with Jennifer away. Cooking every day has been pretty fun but rather rushed as I have to cook to cater for every one's schedules so dinner time is really fluid.

But my weight is under control and in fact has gone down and that is good. Not that I am not eating well. I am eating extremely well since I get to cook stuff I like (which my sons also like!)... just more disciplined since it is winter and one can really out on weight in winter.

What have I been cooking and eating for dinner? Hmmm... since my wife went away ... Roast pork (2x), Spaghetti, Grilled lamb, roast lamb, beef curry, chicken curry, my baked chicken special, lamb soup, minced pork dish.... And no fish!! hahahaha even though Steven likes fish. And of course, one meal of pizza and a restaurant dinner courtesy of Dr. Haiwan.

Hey, someone from Phnom Penh dropped by my blog. I wonder ... someone from GOWW?
Ok, now to eat my sandiwch and get back to work ...


  1. Hi Paul,

    I know what you meant about computers. I believe God allowed computers to be created to humble us.

    I still have not used Expressions Web 2.0 yet. I have read the book and my new software has been sitting on my shelf for 3 months. I am just fearful to install it to replace my Frontpage. Frontpage is working okay and I have solved the web broweser compatability problem by making my background white. Installing the new software will mean new learning curves and plenty of frustrations.

  2. You are more adventurous than me in terms of web work. I will be happy just want to know how to do basic updating of my church website. Beyond that I do not think it is something I should spend much time on. During games last night I was taught how to upload a page so I could see what it actually would look like if we linked it. Nice ... as it is always exciting to learn something new. I have this goal of at least learning one new thing every week. Does not need to be a big thing ... can be anything from a new interesting fact. So uploading a page was a nice thing to learn. :-)