Monday, June 22, 2009

Half a day with Dr. Haiwan

Some more photos from Vincent. When he arrived I took him to Jennifer's favourite restaurant. A small place called "KL Cafe". Had to have him try Malaysian food Auckland style.

Then for tea, I had him try NZ pork. This time cooked by me. One of my handful of roast pork experiments. Doesn't it loo good? This one is spicy roast pork using as part of the recipe some tandoori style spices.

We took a very quick drive to the local mall where I normally frequent so he could buy some manuka honey for Yit Min and Cheng Lok. And we shopped the way we both like - get in, find what you want and get out! Super efficient :-) I like the LynnMall - small but has most of what I need.

That was not the Manuka honey we bought though. The request was for 5+ so we bought 5+. The 16+ is very expensive stuff.

Then for dinner we planned to go to another Malaysian Restaurant, Bunga Raya. But it was closed so we walked across the road and tried out a NZ restaurant (Denny's). I have never eaten there before. Not bad food but service is so slow ....

Picture of my boys .... with their long hair :-)


  1. andrew looks like he might be taller than you!!

    denny's is american, i think . . . well, it's a big chain restaurant over here anyway!!

  2. Actually - he is almost there - its his hair that makes him look taller :-)

    Denny's is American? I think you are right. Only restaurant chain that I know for sure is Kiwi is "Burger Fuel"

  3. there's no burger fuel down here! but there is a denny's. and i know everybody mentioned in this post ;0) haha

  4. Emma

    No Burger Fuel in Christchurch but there is a Denny's? Seems strange

  5. why go to NZ and want to eat at m'sian stores one? ;P

    btw, i've always loved houses without gates and grills :) first thing i looked out for when i arrived in NZ (like a decade ago :P)

  6. Ge

    What would you consider NZ food?