Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watching my first movie in NZ - Wolverine

Yesterday Jennifer and I went to our first movie since arriving in NZ. Been long overdue but we probably would not have gone if not for Faith giving us complimentary tickets. Thanks girl! :-) Basically we are too stingy to spend money on cinema tickets! LOL Of course Faith wanted us to go to the branch where she works - the main one with the huge screen and all the bells and whistles (IMAX etc) but going to the city centre is just something that we do not look forward to.

So we went to much smaller one nearby in the West ... which to us was very nice. Only seven of us in the whole theatre as it was in the afternoon on a working and school day! I suppose even old big screen movies look great and sounds great when we usually watch TV on an old fashion mono sound CRT TV using an indoor antenna. Some people have been asking us to get "freeview" which is free to air TV with digital satellite quality but we can't be bothered.

What was a bonus to me was that I had also just happened to borrow and read Marvel's official Wolverine Origin graphic novel. It seemed people at Marvel resisted writing a Wolverine Origins story as they were afraid that revealing his origins would diminish the character's intrigue. But they decide to go ahead because as after the success of the X-Men movie Joe Quesada won over the Marvel big shots with this comment ..."If anyone is going to tell the origin of Logan, Marvel should do it first, not the movie."

The movie ... Ok. They had to tie in their "origins" storyline with stuff already from the original movies. They did a rewrite of the graphic novel series using some components (half decent save) and did a lot of rewriting of other comic book storylines and characters quite creatively. Just got to keep in mind that the moives need to be seen as yet another alternate Marvel universe or it will never make sense.

So so .... anyway hope the new Star Trek movie doesn't disappoint. I still have some more free tickets to use! :-)


  1. The movie is an interesting take on Wolverine as we hard core fan know him. I enjoyed the movie. Yet somehow Hugh Jackson still does not fit my mental image of James/Wolverine. Too tall, skinny and not hairy enough.

    I hope they will make a movie about Magneto next.

  2. haven't been to the cinema in ages, although i did watch three movies almost back to back on the plane recently . . . .:)

    btw, i really like the new henry nouwen quote on the right panel. which book did it come from? it sounds like something i need to read!

  3. Alex ... yup, need a stockier hairy runt to be Wolverine :-)

    Z ... Book is "Bread for the Journey"

  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed your first movie-going experience and that I was a part of it ;) But seriously if you really liked what you saw in Henderson *which is one of our quietest complexes* then you are really going to be impressed with IMAX!!! The screen is 20m tall and houses 450 seats!!! And if you come to my complex I can hook you up with free icecreams, etc etc.... ;) If you're a Trekkie you have to see Star Trek on IMAX - I saw it myself the other day and though I am not a fan the film did look awesome on the big screen :)

  5. Faith... will seriously think about it but I have to first overcome my dread of the crowds and the hassle of going to the city :-)