Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DIY eye injury

I injured my left eye this morning. Another DIY injury learning to be a Kiwi! :-) Seems like most projects I do I injure myself. It happens to accident prone klutzs like me. *sigh*

I was helping a church member and his son clear a huge pile of branches and leaves that was cut down in our church compound a couple of weeks or so ago when it happened. Basically we were loading the branches onto a "caged trailer". As I was starting to climb up to help with the compacting of the branches, a branch kind of "bounced back" and hit me in the eye. Ouch and double ouch.

After cleaning the eye, I found it all red and swollen but I could see despite it being teary so I drove to my GP. I fund out that I had cut and bruised my left eye. Good news is that the branch missed my cornea and so it is just the white of the eye. Whew what a relief!

God is really gracious to me!! A big plus too is that my doctor is also an experienced A & E doctor. I found that out as I chatted with him as he brought in another doctor to give her a lesson on how to check yes for injuries and what to do etc. He told me how another doctor had left in someone's eye a piece of leaf because they did not know how to do a thorough check. Brrr ... BTW my GP is an ex Malaysian! Yeah! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

The not so good news is it seems I am also allergic to the wood of the branch - so my eye is also swollen! My left eye also happens to be my good eye (despite it being the "lazy eye") so vision is kind of blurry. My GP thinks I have a cataract in my right eye. (Does make sense as it is blurry). Anyway 2.5 hours on now and the eye is still a bit itchy painful but that's just one of those things. Just glad my cornea was not injured. BTW I have an eye patch now so all I need to put on a pirate hat and make a balloon parrot and balloon cutlass! :-)

I am officially on 2 days sick leave (I have to see my GP again tomorrow for a follow up check up). Not supposed to drive but I had to drive back to the office, sort out some stuff, grab some files I need to work on then drove home with no incidents. Thank God that I had to drive during off peak hours. And thank God again for my PC notebook.

Using one eye is interesting. I do feel a kind of a strain and I have noticed that long sighted vision is ok but not nearsighted vision. I have already bumped into things twice already and bi-focal lenses do not help! Frustration is that this means reading is not a good idea. But this may be the time to view my recently purchased set of Carey College DVDs. Have been viewing one and it has been pretty ok. Some messages better than the others but all very edifying.

Thank God for taking care of my eye! Do pray that I will not develop any infection. Thanks!


  1. Will be praying for your eye. Keep safe.

  2. aiyoh, what a thing to happen! hello, sick days actually mean that you have to take time off from work, it doesn't mean "work from home"!!!!

    btw thx for the nouwen link. oh and i watched a movie last night called "sleep dealer" and really enjoyed it! you may not be able to get it in NZ but who knows.

  3. Actually I ended up being "good". I did not work while on sick leave. Just the first day I had some important calls etc to make - did all that and had a pretty fun time off.