Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wee Man magic

Blogger is so much nicer ... can just embed the youtube videos ... should have made the switch from Multiply much earlier. Anyway, here's a fun video by my good buddy Jamie. It was taken last week at our Magic club meeting. We had a small in house competition and he was voted most entertaining act of the night. Of course acts like Alan Watson's was more polished and highly entertaining (his cups and balls routine was amazing!) but the point of this club is to encourage younger magicians.

I loved how he his magic incorporates his personality. He has worked on a routine with whatever props he has and I think that's very creative. I am glad he has put in a little bit of his dance skills too as I am encouraging him to one day work out a full routine with his dancing skills. That would be a great act. The "aloha" jokes is an insider joke so that may not make sense but as you can hear the reaction of the audience, what was the clincher was how much we were entertained. Enjoy! I wish I had half the amount of enthusiasm and natural entertainment skills he has.

Today I will have the joy of baptizing him! :-)


  1. this is fantastic! not so much the magic, but more the boy's confidence and wit! even if doesn't grow up to become a professional magician, the public speaking practice will stand him in very, very good stead. props to the magic club for the mentoring as well!

  2. Jamie is one bright young man. I am so glad that he has now added to his "magic" a commitment to spiritual growth. :-)

    The club president and secretary are really wonderful men who have a genuine interest in helping children and youth. I am privileged to know them.

    Baptism service went well today. The testimonies were moving and despite so many people taking part (to make it very personalized for everyone) everything went smoothly.