Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My flu is getting irritating ... ramblings.

Flu is getting irritating ...*sigh* Cant' concentrate so I have been doing small little things today. Want to go home and sleep but makes no sense at 2 PM - might as well wait for my boys to come over and take them home.

Thought I might as well do something different and so spent the last hour or so surfing the net and calling shops to locate for academic version of a software for my church (to maintain the website). NZ is such small place that the software I need is not available in Auckland - there are copies in Palmerston North though!! One of the projects for the year is to help maintain the website and later on slowly "upgrade it". Will need some lessons from our church web master so I can relieve him of some of his duties

A place that sells such software can only sell it to university students (price difference for s an academic version and the normal commercial version is $500 to 600 so that's a lot of difference!!

Finally found a place in Australia that is authorized to sell to non profit organizations. Now I just need to get the proof they need that this is for the church and I can order it from Australia - very good price too, even after conversion and postage. This is one of the times when one appreciates how good it is to have Australia as "big brother" as this company is big enough to be authorized to handle both Australia and NZ sales!

Also decided to open a new personal blog under blogger and test out this "cross posting" feature of multiply. I really want to migrate to blogger full time but it seems such a waste to delete all my years of Multiply postings.... don't know how to transfer all my previous multiply posts to blogger. Looks like for now I can only cross post new stuff not old posts.

Oh, the alternate site is: http://paullongsramblings.blogspot.com/

Here goes .. fingers crossed that it will work. Oh, the cartoon is just a random one. Thought it funny!!


  1. love the cartoons! i think i'll just switch to reading this blog instead of your multiply. easier for me to check only one. :)

  2. One reason why I want out of multiply. Bit of a pain to use ....:-)