Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marriage celebrant

Today it becomes official :-) May not be a big deal here in NZ ... but for me especially from Malaysia when the government makes it sooooo hard for church leaders to be an assistant registrar of marriage, it is a big deal.

Now who wants to get married? LOL!!


  1. I want to get married!!!
    Can you come back to Malaysia to conduct my ceremony?!?!? HAhahahah!!!!

    P.S. Cool blog!! This is better!!
    Finally I can easily reply to you!!

  2. hahaha - got to come here ... not valid outside NZ :-)

    Yeah, I like blogger better than multiply.

  3. haha....will keep that in mind but for now single life for me please and dont hold back on freedom

  4. Wei Hong. Did not know you blogged ...!! Did not know your father blogged either ... blogger is better than multiply in discovering these things :-)

  5. hi Paul

    congratulations! I reckon it's a big deal, wherever you are, to be appointed a Marriage Celebrant. Good luck with it all. I'm sure that with every ceremony you celebrate you'll be enriched beyond measure.


  6. Penelope

    Thanks. Never knew there was a blog dedicated to marriage celebrants!