Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am 50 today ramblings

I am 50 today ...

And today I went to see my GP to have 4 stitches removed. This was the result of my having (a week ago) a whole mess of large unsightly skin tags (and a strange large growth on one of them) removed. Not that I am that vain but two were very near my eye and was very distracting to quite a number of people ...

Two of the largest were sent for testing ... and one was diagnosed as just a skin tag and the other ....seborrheic keratosis (at least that's what I think he said) which my GP thought was rather funny and wonders if the test results were wrong. Reason being it was something usually associated with old people. Of course it got funnier when I told him and the nurse (who was there to remove the stitches) that I turned 50 today.
I try to think in terms of older and not old so this funny test results did not help... *sigh* 50 is not old, 50 is not old, 50 is not old :-)

Went for a 3 day break with my wife and returned yesterday. Needed the break so badly as we did not have the chance to take time off in summer. Leave issues and the timing was as usual bad for me ...

First trip to Paihai and it was mostly lousy *sigh*. Story of my life :-)

So much was happening the couple of days that demanded my attention before our trip and had 2 out of three bad nights of sleepless nights and intense dreaming (some of which were nightmares) , so start of the trip was not so good. And of course first half of the day was spent travelling etc.

Second day ... the main day for a full day of fun ended up as full day of vomiting, headaches, nausea etc for me as I get sea sick easily and the effects linger for days. My wife wanted to see Dolphins and almost from the start of the trip, I felt sick. So a couple of hours of headaches and nausea and feeling like throwing up finally resulted in the next hour or so of throwing up. Only good part was that the very irritating loud mouthed Chinese threesome who decided they wanted to sit behind me kept yakking super loud (we have suspicions they were Malaysians) in Chinese drowning out everything else finally moved away when I started vomiting :-)
Four hour nightmare trip that thankfully had a 30 minutes break on an island where my head stopped spinning for a while.
The headaches still around  and go and this morning woke up with a headache and nausea... *sigh*

At least my wife had fun ....

Anyway that sure has a way of spoiling the holiday. BUT what was nice is that I managed to get at a discount a nice studio apartment that had a private hot tub. Never used a hot tub before and boy was it very nice. So relaxing ... so that helped a lot. And it had a full kitchen and air con as well (though we did not really use the kitchen as we went out to enjoy restaurant food for a change!)

And since I had no mood to go out too much, I decided to watch TV and was pleasantly surprised that the movie channel (SKY) had over the 2 days, 2 excellent openly Christian movies that I enjoyed very much: "Soul Surfer" and "Courageous". Last openly Christian movie I saw was "Amazing Grace". That was  really nice.

Finally day made up a lot for the bad 2nd day. Enjoyed my visit to the Waitangi Treaty grounds. Nothing really much to see but was educational and very interesting at the same time.

And because the holiday fully paid for by a wonderful friend of over 20 years, I did not have any "guilt" about spending money on a holiday. Very liberating LOL. Thanks "old friend" ...

Anyway, its back to work today on my birthday as there is a lot to do especially this weekend. Home group on Friday night ... On Saturday, there's Kelston Family day in the morning, then International Connections in the afternoon and my son Andrew is taking us out for dinner (to "belanja" us with some of the money he earned working as an intern the last three months). Sunday after church there is fund raising lunch and church committee meeting

Headache seems better now and I hope nothing prevents me from going out tonight - to enjoy a magic lecture. Just $10 for 2 hours of entertainment, inspiration and education.
And decided to buy myself a present to make myself feel better - just spend $88 on some magic :-)

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  1. This is very interesting to read. I like to see what other people do in their daily lives, and yours in particular caught my attention. I will be reading through your posts if you don't mind. I feel I can learn something from you (: