Friday, May 4, 2012

Possum drinking game

Something is seriously wrong with some NZ youth! Too much money,too much free time, spoilt, immature and plain stupid!

Dunedin's 'possum' drinking game goes global

UPDATED12:35 PM Friday May 4, 2012

A story about a student drinking game called possum - in which young people drink in trees until they fall out - has captured imaginations around the world.
Yesterday's Otago Daily Timesarticle highlighting concerns of Dunedin Botanic Garden staff about the craze sparked a flurry of media coverage in the UK, Australia and the United States.
In the UK, the Guardian called the craze 'a bizarre new branch of the drinking game' and the story ranked as the second most-read in its world news section.
The Sun also picked up the story, prompting comments including 'what a bunch of prats'.
Fox News in the United States, Nine News in Australia, the Bangkok Postin Thailand and France's Le Point have also climbed on board to report the `possum' craze.

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