Monday, March 5, 2012

My iPad 2 ramblings

Finally bought an iPad a few days ago - on Friday ...
I know .... iPad 3 is coming out soon so why not wait and buy the ipad3?

One word - budget!

And also the worry that suddenly no more ipad2 and iPad 3 way above my budget.

Been wanting an ipad for a long time - ever since it came out - not that I am ungrateful fr the iPod touch my mum gave me few years ago ... Just that my eyesight has become progressively poor. *sigh* and it is hard to read and do things on an iPod. Plus ... As a Star Trek fan, an iPad is so Trek-like! (Gene Roddenberry had a wonderful knack of envisioning what future gadgets might look like)

Whenthis iPad 2 came out I got excited thinking that I would be able to buy an iPad 1 cheaper thinking the price of the orignal would drop and i can get one cheaper. oops - wrong thinking as when I finally enquired I found that there was no longer an iPad - only iPad 2s ... *sigh*

Guess Apple products are not like the windows Pc based products where older models drop in price when newer models come out ...

But one problem for me too has been how I have already invested so much money in pc based bible nd ministry software. Heart ache to get an iPad as opposed to a laptop upgrade.
But then I don't really like the fact that laptops have such poor battery life spans. And so bulky compared to an iPad ....

More research on the iPad and found in a forum that it was possible to transfer a lot of my resources under libronix platform (now under Logos) to my iPad since they had an online licensing sync system.

But still budget - cheaper to buy in Malaysia so should I wait? But am always interned about warranty if something goes wrong etc and then suddenly one shop in NZ has thenopadon sale for a week - $100 cheaper for the most basic one! But i thiught that there was no such thing as an iPad sale? All th prices have always been consistent everywhere. Would it hurt to check it out? So I did and most bunches sold out - but found one quite nearby that told me they had just one left and salesperson agreed to hold it for me! (Pleasant surprise!)

I love my iPad 2.

1. Web surfing is not difficult- pc of course is faster and easier but not a major issue.

2. Easier to watch my fav video clips

3. So nice to have my iTunes U and podcasts that I want to listen to are easy to select and synced for me to listen / view and when done I can un-sync.

4. Nice that related PDF downloads are also automatically synced in the library.

5. Oh and nice to be able to select and sync some of my mp3 music onto my iPad (like on my I touch)

6. Pictures / photos too easy to select and view.

7. A couple of simple games (free stuff) and a few fun apps that can be used for ministry (thanks to the creative mind of John Wilson who showed me how he uses them in his cross cultural ministry)

9. Of course all my fav I touch apps - weather, news, tv, jokes, airport, calculator, dictionary, etc.

### one negative thing tis that I can't type too fast or I make many mistakes or it takes of long to register the last strike and a new word / words come out ... Like how this sentence is tuning out :-)

10. Have not used really used the dual camera functions but the auto microphone is very nice. So have re-installed Skype and will probably start re-using one day.

11. I like it that with apps like documents to go, I have been able to easily transfer documents I am working in into my iPad and can even edit and do basic stuff with and and it is MS office compatible. This was a clear Posiive feature that made make decide to buy as work can be reasonably portable - though not sure how I can transfer such files to say a thumb drive etc for use in another person's PC. I suppose there should be a way to do so. But no big worries.

It was very nice putting it on my lap on Sunday to take sermon notes - no noise and not bulky and distracting to others. I love the touch key board on the screen concept. Steve Jobs is indeed a visionary (so very Star Trek like too!)

Going to help heaps in my organization.

12. Of course accessing my mail and Facebook accounts is easy and in fact since I have multiple email accounts, I like the iPad and I touch feature where's can view them all at once rather than having to sign in and out.

13. What I also like us that I find that I am very comfortable reading in bd with my iPad. I have under utilized many resources because I have found it hard to read books on a Pc screen - eyesight issues. Also at times reading in bed ith a thick book has been a chore and Now it so much lighter and this is nice.

It is great that I can read and switch books easily now ( wish all my books could be converted to electronic books :-) And I am someone who likes to mark my books and often I have not done this as it has been inconvenient. I was so happy to discover highlighting with color pencils and note making functions. And I like the logos one as I can customize my underlining, highlighting etc. very nice! So many colors and the fun part is it has an "inductive" highlighting feature.
I just re-introduced inductive BS to my young adults group and so this was a bonus for me as I have been wanting to be more systematic in doing this but one deterrent is the amount of paper, printing and filing. Now I can do it and everything is saved electronically and so better organized ...

## bad part is that I am still not used to using the features - for example ... I select and before I can highlight etc I touch something wrongly and have to start again .... :-(

### another not so good part is that unlike a pc platform I can't seem to open multiple books at one time and save a desktop so when I tried doing things like word studies under my logos books it was rather tedious - hopefully there is a better way but I have not discovered it
But in all fairness it is probably because these resources were not originally designed for the iPad

14. When I got my I touch I bought an Olive Tree app - Esv study bible as I like this study
Bible very much. But also under utilized. Now that the screen is bigger the split screen function is now usable for me.

And it is nice to actually use the Reading programmes and have it electronically managd. Will help me be more disciplined!

15. It is so nice too that I can now use the Genii iPad app to read and even listen and view the embedded extras. Tried it on the Pc platform but not as nice as on the iPad (it was designed socially for the iPad).

Bottom line is that I am glad I bought an iPad... Even if it will soon be out dated when iPad 3 is launched.

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