Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ramblings on some Random photos - Feb 2012

Took this photo last week. Saw this bird on my church driveway.
It didn't fly away when I came near it. Just kept hopping one step out of my reach.
So took a photo. Made me smile. Beautiful bird, isn't it?

This made me smile too but at the same time sigh! Too many churches in my area which is sad.
Not that we are in competition with any but ... the caption says it ...
I know it is meant to be humorous but it does make a point, doesn't it?
It is only humorous when it reflects reality ... :-(
But it also made me glad. Before I left for my course cum short break in  Australia,
my church committee told me that the days I was taking to do the course was
NOT accepted as part of my annual leave!
The course was something done on my own initiative so I was not expecting anything like that.
But it was a blessed moment as it reflected my fellow church leaders appreciation. 
First day of our course. My wife practicing - and trying to clean up my mess :-)
I am not very good at this unlike my wife who picked things up much faster and more naturally.
I could not even get basic flowers right ... BUT I haven't given up :-)

Last day's work. Top left picture of Jesus was done by our teacher  (a very quick  example without taking
the usual time to put in the finer touches). Bottom left picture was done by my wife, following our
teacher's basic example. Also a quick job without the finer touches.
I was impressed as was our teacher.
The angels .... top one was done by lour teacher to give me an example. The middle and bottom
were done by me - testing out different color combinations.... BUT not much of an excuse for the messiness.
LOL - really not gifted in this area BUT I will NOT give up! :-)
Good start in my opinion.

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