Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ramblings and rantings on Syria and other places

In Egypt, many predicted and warned (and showed proof) that the so called pro-democracy uprising was manipulated by radical Islamists. Outsiders formed the bulk of demonstrators and protesters with their Islamic agenda.

Egypt is worse off now (not to say it was wonderful before) and the minorities especially the Copts are being blatantly and systematically persecuted with all kinds of horrors and injustice. It is not democracy as they are prevented from even voting (among many other things) for fear of their lives.

And I wonder - is Iraq any better now that Saddam Hussein is gone? Not in the eyes of the minorities especially non Muslims.

And Afghanistan? Look at the way the reaction of the majority of people the US coalition forces are trying to protect.

Can so few people (especially Americans) see the irony of the situation? I think the third Rambo movie is sad picture of how the Mujahideen were glorified because it suited someone's political purpose and now it still coming back to bite the hands that fed them and taught and encouraged them how to fight.

I wonder if this is where "suicide bombers" grew bold and convicted of using this method of madness as a justifiable weapon. And now these same people condemn suicide bombers?

And Iran is still around and becoming a military nightmare for the West - and life is getting progressively worse for the non Muslims there despite all the interference and arming of their enemies.

Now it is Syria's turn? Perhaps the rebels cause is arguably just but surely not the means they chose?
If a "new country / era" is birthed by violent killing, fighting and trampling on innocents, I do not see much hope for such a country. If the old regime / leadership is toppled, will it end up with an even worse one?

It scares me that there seems to be so few people in the mould of the likes of Martin Luther Kings, or Mahatma Gandhis, or Nelson Mandela ....

And I have no emotional energy to think of what's happening in Africa.

Christian homes invaded in besieged Syrian city; families desperate to flee 
(24 Feb 2012)
Christians desperate to flee the besieged Syrian city of Homs are caught in the crossfire; they are not even safe in their own homes as fighters invade and plunder their properties.
Homs is the third largest city in Syria; its population is around 17-18% Christian
zz77 / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
The rebels, who are increasingly influenced by Sunni Islamists, go from house to house, taking whatever they want – even the doors – to resource their campaign against government troops. To avoid being captured, the intruders make their escape by knocking holes through the walls between the properties. 

Around 70 homes belonging to Christians in Homs have been invaded and pillaged. The rebels are also seizing vehicles and stripping them of their parts.  

In recent weeks Homs has been subjected to intense government shelling, which has killed many civilians, while rebel snipers kill people on the streets, making it almost impossible for anyone to leave their homes.

A senior Christian leader told Barnabas Fund:
The situation of Homs at the moment is a horrifying one. Violence has escalated… We witnessed a lot of bombardments, killings, shootings, kidnappings.
As well as the danger of being caught in the crossfire, the lack of resources is putting the survival of Homs’ residents under serious threat. There is no electricity, and people are running out of clean water, food and medicines.

A senior Church leader told Barnabas Fund that thousands of Christian families who are still trapped in Homs would flee if there was just a small window of opportunity, even two or three hours.
The International Committee of the Red Cross has called for a daily truce of at least two hours to allow for the delivery of life-saving aid and evacuation of the wounded.

Barnabas Fund is helping to get emergency supplies to Christians who have escaped to the villages around Homs as well as Christians in other parts of Syria.

The country has been experiencing very low temperatures, with snow in some places, which, along with power cuts in certain localities, is aggravating the difficulties and hardships of the Syrian people.
Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund, said:
Life is now completely unbearable for those trapped in Homs, including thousands of Christians. It is far too dangerous for them to leave their homes, and even there they are not safe, facing artillery and tank shells from the government forces and knowing that rebels could burst into their properties at any moment. Our beleaguered brothers and sisters in Syria continue to need our prayers and practical support.
Please Pray
  • For a swift end to the hostilities in Homs and other restive parts of Syria.
  • That aid and medical supplies will reach all those in need.
  • That Christians in Syria will not be anxious but will be granted the peace that transcends all understanding as they present their requests to the Lord (Philippians 4:6-7).
Give Today
If you would like to help Christians affected by the crisis in Syria, please send your donation to the Middle East Fund (project 00-1032). Please click to donate online using our secure server.
If you prefer to telephone, dial: 0800 587 4006 from within the UK or +44 1672 565031 from outside the UK. Please quote project reference Middle East Fund(project 00-1032).
If you prefer to send a cheque by post: Click this link for the address of our regional office. Please quote project reference Middle East Fund (project 00-1032).
For a quick donation of £3.00 by SMS (see terms and conditions here) textBarnabas/1032 to 70007 (Please note: This facility is presently only available to UK supporters).

As for Malaysia ... will key opposition politicians who have questionable track records make the country better if elected? *shudder* I fear when people think the ends justify using unethcial means.

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