Friday, January 13, 2012

January 2012 garden photos

Had decent weather today so I did some weeding of my vegetable patch ... and some harvesting.
Messy garden, over crowded and a bit of a pain (the weeds) but some nice tasty and fresh produce. Quite an apt analogy of the Christian life. :-)

Some of my taro. I look forward to harvesting the leaves next week (huge)
and cook some lupulu.

My dwarf apple tree - with fruits. I like it because the tree "died "
but returned to life

My kafir lime tree now has fruits. Still small but getting bigger
Going to be so good when I cook :-) 

Long bean plant that is doing very well

Due to over crowding the carrot leaves are extra long (to fight for the sun)
but the carrot is quite small. Left the others in the ground and see whether next month,
they get any bigger

Long beans from just one plant - and onions

potatoes mingling with my carrots and taro.

potatoes ... but from another area. They spread everywhere

one of my salad plants

my cucumber plant. forgot what variety. Bought just one seedling last year
for fun - under $2.00. Tiny pathetic plant that has about 8 leaves.

But it still had one cucumber - prickly cucumber  though. 
I look forward to more harvest as it is still summer - though a colder and wetter one. And waiting for my chilly plants to bear fruit. Some green chillies are finally coming to view.
Tomatoes not doing so well but hey, some green tomatoes are also finally in view


  1. Like that green grass in your yard Paul. Everything is brown here. :)

  2. On the metaphor of a garden to Christian life: I think it is incredibly apt. I wonder whether you have observed any benefits to your faith or peace of mind by tending a garden. If so, please share. Thanks, Jay.