Friday, December 2, 2011

This is funny .... Umno veeps ready for sacrifice

I honestly thought this was funny in a sad way ...
Taken from Free Malaysia Today - which can be found here
Dec 1, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR: Umno’s three vice-presidents said today that they would withdraw from contesting in the coming general election if the party leadership believed they could not win.
One of them, Hishammuddin Hussein, said this was the kind of sacrifice Umno needed from its members as it prepares for an election that would test its ability to survive.
He cited the willingness of former Terengganu menteri besar Idris Jusoh to “sacrifice himself” and not contest.
Zahid Hamidi said he and the other vice-presidents received a text message from Idris informing them of his decision.
The other vice-president is Shafie Apdal.
In his address to the Umno general assembly this morning, Umno president Najib Tun Razak made clear that the meeting would be the last before the 13th general election. He indicated that the party was in need of a transformation that would include a shift in winning methodology and the deployment of only “winnable candidates”.
“Not a problem whatsoever, three of us,” Hishammuddin told reporters during the break following Najib’s speech.
“This is an indication by our party president. Those who cannot give victory to the party must conduct self-criticism. If we can no longer bring victory, then we have to back down.”
Party leaders believe internal splits were one of the factors behind Umno and Barisan Nasional’s dismal performance in the 2008 election.
Najib, an unelected party president, is in need of a strong mandate, ostensibly to allow him to carry out economic reforms he has promised as the country’s prime minister.

If they do not have the confidence to contest their traditional easy to win seats, why are they still hanging on to their VP posts?

Their willingness top sacrifice themselves sounds so noble - but it is clearly more being afraid to lose face by losing. This is spin politics at its funniest

So if / when the other candidates lose, will they be made the scapegoats. And if they win, will these non contesting VPs still keep their cushy party posts?

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