Saturday, November 19, 2011

NZ Electoral commission sure makes voting easy

Especially for my Malaysian friends. NZ election day is on 26 November and this is what I received in my mail this morning. IMHO ... Impressive

I blanked out some details ... but how cool is this?
I have an Easy Vote Card and based on my precious voting experience,
the whole process took me about 10 minutes

On page 2, overleaf, note that the simple instructions are given
in 20 languages!! (19 actually as instructions given in traditional
and simplified Chinese)

Page 3, the names of the candidates and their parties
and the polling places in my area.
And I can vote anywhere I choose.
The fun part for me is that the nearest one for me a few doors
away from where I live. 

Next page, (overleaf) which I have not bothered to upload, advanced voting places for those who may find it difficult to vote on voting day!!

Next leaflet ... three pages of the Party lists of all the parties

Curious to know more? Go to :

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