Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 2011 - 10 books for $10 ramblings

Last Saturday I dropped by the Lion's Club $1 book sale and I picked up the following ...

Mythology has always fascinated me so nice book to add to my library.
Been reading of late a little more on existentialism and humanism for last week's Sunday sermon
so Paul Tillich obviously caught my eye. 

A biography I think I should read (one day!) and  Camus ... well, a  decent student of theology / philosophy
should at least have one of his books right? :-) Would rather have found "The "Plague" but for $1
no complaints.

Already begun reading this old book on theology. I like these old SCM paper backs -  usually very readable.
And DeBono ... well for a $1, why not? :-)

Now I have a KJV Bible promise book, and NIV version and a Message version :-)
Last Sunday my sermon had a lot of references to atheistic existentialism so this book
certainly caught my eye.

These two on a whim. I already have the CS Lewis book but  my copy may be more dog eared than this one :-)
And the chess book was not for me. One of my church youth loves chess so I bought it for him
Pity I wasn't there earlier as I saw a Henri Nouwen book on a pile of books in one of the boxes. I reached for it and a man glared at me and took the book and put it under the other books. Oops, how was I to know it was his pile of books?  I have never seen anyone buy a whole overflowing box of books before.
(The books for sale are put in boxes and left on tables and chairs)

Have plans to reorganize my time next year - to find a place where I can go and make myself do more systematic reading and reflection. Trouble is my house is way too crowded and there is no conducive space. More time in the office perhaps? But office is also not the most conducive.

Today brought our spare kettle to the office and coffee etc. Maybe of I reorganize?

But no time now ...

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