Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random photos - Aug 2011

Time for a break. Downloaded the photos on my camera ...

Andrew's car ... when I first picked it up

View from the rear

Front seats

Back seats

Al Ronberg of PSSM and 2nd city

Bec Little leading worship - nice touch with a special song and  lesson for the younger ones

With us older ones too joining in ... learning the actions

And singing along. ...

Took this yesterday ... happy that my coriander and galangal made it through winter and thrived too

My "dwarf" lemon tree I bought a month ago

George Booth - ex OM NZ director and a regular speaker at our church

Jin Wan's commissioning service (as a deacon)

Did a quick turnover cum weeding of my planter box in preparation for
new planting season. No matter what I do, some potato plants will still pop up from a
couple of potatoes I planted 2 years ago. Hardy plants so thought I might as well replant them.
And my taro plants. Looking forward to harvesting the leaves all year round :-)

One of my winter quick soups ... with chilly, tofu and mushrooms among other things.

Another of my favourite quick soups for winter - tomato, egg and herbs


  1. They're cool, Isn't it bad to leave your numberplate on the car in photos uploaded to the internet, or did I just make myself look stupid?