Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Weird interview" with Pop Haydn and his wife Nancy

Link below to an interview with a magician that I like very much Whit "pop" Haydn!

I had the privilege of having a personal conversation / interview with him a couple of years ago in Auckland.
He's style of magic is clearly different from most, and not something I would be comfortable doing BUT he is a pretty amazing magician that I admire. The 2nd part of the interview (video) will make it clear why I like him so much (and why I enjoyed my meeting with him so much as we have something else in common)

BTW, I obviously did not do this interview but it is so much better than what I could do :-) I did not try to publish the interview I had with him (unlike the ones I did with Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, and John Carney) simply because it went off tangent in so many ways and was not sutiable as an intrerfview article. But it was a great interview / conversation, mini lecture for me of mostly Pop talking and me just taking things in. It had a lot of stuff related to church, ministry, theology etc :-)

I enjoy following him on FB.

Ok - back to work :-)

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