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Ramblings on "What Al-Zawahiri said about the killing of Bin Laden?" (Tawfik Hamid)

Before I get to Tawfik Hamid's article, just some thoughts ... on this morning's TV news, it was reported that Al-Zawahiri condemned the US on the way they buried Osama,

Made me wonder the following:

1. Why is he not pleased that Osama died a martyr's death? Is it because he did not actually die a martyr's death? He was killed in a raid while hiding from the US military ... was this more of a coward's death than that of a martyr?

2. If he did die a martyr's death, should there not be great rejoicing as his place in paradise is secure with all the pleasures he so often highlights to others, to get them to die as martyrs? Or is there a subconscious concern that even Osama's place in paradise is uncertain?

3. And like Tawfik mentions (in his point 8 below) I found it ironic (actually hypocritical!) that he places such an emphasis on proper burial of a Muslim yet glorifies the killing of thousands in a manner that does not allow them a decent burial - not just "infidels" but their fellow Muslims. And to selectively appeal to the Geneva convention rules of war on Muslim prisoners and yet not respect the other aspects?

What Al-Zawahiri said about the killing of Bin Laden?
By Tawfik Hamid
Today, June 8, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri appeared on video to give words of condolences for Bin Laden'sdeath. His appearance (which is the first response to Bin Laden death) and his way of speaking indicate that he presumes to be currently leading Al-Qaeda.
The video (in Arabic) started with Bin Laden saying to the US that they will never have peace (i.e. Al-Qaeda will continue fighting them) until the Palestinians have peace (in Jihadists' jargon this means erasing Israel from the map rather than living peaceful with the Israelis). This was taken from a earlier video that was released years ago by Bin Laden.  
The use of a video of Bin Laden speaking at the beginning of the tape aims to give his followers the feeling that he is still 'alive'. This feeling is meant to create more enthusiasm in the hearts of his followers.
The verse that was used in the tape further established the common Muslim's belief that martyrs (like Bin Laden -in the view of the Jihadists) are not dead but alive. The whole verse was quoted and it says: (Quran 3:169): "Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord."
Early in the video, there was also a very passionate and powerful song about Bin Laden describing him and presenting his images on a horse as a honorable and great knight.
Al-Zawahiri was very passionate in his message and he was pointing with his index finger which is a classical Islamic sign that is used in a Muslim's prayer to indicate that "There is no God but Allah".
The main features of Al-Zawahiri's talk are:
1-     More than 20% of the speech was poetry which shows his very high command of Arabic language. Some of the poems about Bin Laden seem to be authored by Al-Zawahiri himself. It is not surprising that Al-Zawahiri has this very high command of classical Arabic as he was the grandson of a former Sheik Al-Azhar  (the most reputable Islamic University in the Muslim world), and well-read in Sayed Qutb's books and interpretations (Tafsseer) of the Quran.  As is well known, Sayed Qutb's command of classical Arabic was very impressive.

Interestingly, when Bin Laden was speaking at the beginning of the video he made two mistakes in Arabic language in a very short segment (less than 2 minutes). On the contrary, Al-Zawahiri spoke more than 20 minutes with virtually not a single mistake in the Arabic grammar or the language.

2-   Al-Zawahiri strongly encouraged the "Arab Spring" as he sees it as a way to establish Sharia (Islamic) Law in the area (i.e. to be like the Taliban).  

3-   He was trying to humiliate the US for what he described as its defeat in Tora Bora, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He also considered the removal of US allies in the Arab world and withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan as evidence for the defeat of the US.

4-   He threatened the US with forthcoming acts of terror in revenge for Bin Laden's killing.

5-    He reminded Muslims all over the world about Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya in an attempt to make the Muslim world enthusiastic about the return of the Caliphate.

6-   He thanked Ismail Haneia (the leader of the Hamas organization) for praising Bin Laden after his death.  

7-    He encouraged the Pakistanis and people in the Gulf area to follow the footsteps of other Arab countries' revolutions to remove their leaders to establish Sharia (Comment: Al-Zawahiri does not see Saudi Arabia as applying true Sharia as it allows non-Muslims to exist on its Holy land, allows western banks and T.V. satellites, and does not declare Jihad on the West).

8-   Al-Zawahiri also criticized the US for not respecting the rules of the Geneva Convention with Muslim prisoners of war (Comment: It is ironic to see those who behead innocents and kill thousands of their fellow Muslims by bombing their markets and funerals, demanding respect for the rules of Geneva convention!).  

9-   He also reminded Muslims of the historical wars of Salah Al-din against the people of the "Cross" to encourage them to fight the West. (Note: the West as a whole and people who have fair skin and colored hair and eyes are seen as "people of the Cross" by many in the Muslim world irrespective of their beliefs).

10-                       Al-Zawahiri gave an oath of Loyalty to Mullah Umar (the leader of the Taliban). This indicates that the Taliban sponsoring Al-Qaeda is a likely outcome after the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan.

11- He encouraged the whole Muslim Umma (world) to follow the path of "Jihad".  

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