Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tricubes to charge 50 sen per email, confirms CEO?!!

What?! I want in as I can make a huge fortune doing practically nothing! (Just being cheeky here!) :-)

So if 1 million account holders (for a conservative start, counting all the BN people and govt servants), each email sent will rake in RM 500,000?

How to make a fortune doing nothing ...

1. Welcome email
2. CNY greeting
3. Raya Puasa Greeting
4. Raya Haji Greeting
5. Deepavali Greeting
6. Might as well add in Thaipusam even though it is not a national holiday ...(1 Malaysia mah)
7. Wesak Day Greeting
8. Christmas Greeting
9. Might as well add in Easter (1 Malaysia mah)
10. Merdeka Day!
11. FT Day
12. Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
13. Harvest Festival
14. Melaka as a historical City day
15. Gawai
16. Awal Muharam

Ok what else ... (sorry if I missed out anyone's holiday - not meant to be exhaustive)

17. Oh yah, Agong's BD
18-30. What about the other Sultans and also the governers so they don't feel left out?

Maybe ....

31-32. 2 emails a year announcing shut downs for network maintenance? (Aren't I optimistic) :-)

33. PM 's birthday? Why not?

You add to the list ... so far I have made a cool RM 16.5 million just sending out greetings.

But if I get it up to 2 million subscribers .... then it's RM 33 million.

But I think I can get at least 4 million as a start? Why not ... Wah RM 66 million already one.

*sigh* and sorry for my nonsense. Been a tough day ...

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