Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some youth camp April 2011 photos

Some photos taken by James ...

Dan and Bec - so great to have them involved in our church youth ministry.
Dan's the outdoors expert and took care of the many outdoor activities

The camp cooks - all planned by Irene (on the right)!

I love our inter generational wide age range "youth" camp!

Low tide on our branch front camp site means we can walk over to
the "island" among other things

Outing .... which as usual; I skipped so I could nap! :-)

All kinds of tents

A couple of meters from the tents ... One thing I love is that you can be next
to the ocean and smell the stench of rotting fish and raw sewage and other
pollutants :-)

more tents ...

Little "island" across our camp site

Swimming at a nearby bay

Another of Dan's fun activities - turning coke cans into mini cookers

After watching, time to make their own cooking cans

And cook pancakes!

Something edible found in the sea

Youngest camper - Emmy enjoying her pancake

Look! The Pastor has nothing to do! Everything so well organized and taken care of ...
(Now this is my kind of camp!)

On the way home - a stop over for fast food and more craziness

Fish and chips in little groups on the pier

And feeding the ducks