Saturday, March 19, 2011

7 books for 7 dollars - March 2011

On the way back from the post office I dropped in on the monthly New Lynn Lions Club $1 book sale.

Picked up a few interesting books.

"A world full of Gods" by Keith Hopkins. Never heard of him before. His blurb says he is Prof of Ancient History at King's College, Cambridge and a fellow of the British Academy. Not sure I might like what he writes based on the front cover flap but I'll find out one day when I get down to reading it. What intrigued me was that the style of the book is different. Portions of it is written in the style of a fiction piece. Hard to describe. Not exactly a Walter Wangerin style approach but .... a half serious scholarly work and a half light fiction piece to illustrate his point - via a time traveller?

"Between Heaven and Earth: Conversations with American Christians" by Helmut Thielicke. Written and translated based on some conversations and discussions in 1963.Interesting to go back in time to the year I was born and see what some of the pressing church issues were.  Interesting that some are still to be very significant.

"Expressions of the Catholic Faith" by Kevin Orlin Johnson. Also never heard of him before. *sigh* I am so poorly read :-) Will be a useful guide to better understand the teachings and practices of the Catholic church.

"Samoa (A hundred years ago and long before)" by George Turner. If that sounds old, the book was written in 1884!  (But this actual copy printed in 1983). I was attracted to it (despite the old style font which I find so hard to read!) because is it son customs and cults etc., I am always fascinated with old stories and tomorrow in church, will be the first time we will be singing part of a song in Samoan (hope I don't mess up the pronunciation!)

OK back to work! Here's wishing you a great and blessed weekend.

"Finding Faith" by ... Brian McLaren. Bit of a surprise. Hmmm.. withdrawn library book. Obviously not popular and little borrowing so out it goes.

"The Beginners Guide to Martial Arts" by Ray Pawlet. Oh, why not it is a nice coffee table style book with loads of colored pictures and illustrations. Educational and who knows one day something I casually read in this book might save my life :-)

"The Robe" by Lloyd Douglas. This one was a really pleasant surprise as two days ago I was actually thinking abut two old novels that had a big emotional impact on my early twenties and I was thinking how nice it would be if I had my own copies to read. "The Robe" was one of them. And the other since I brought it up is the "Grapes of Wrath". 

God is very kind to me as the cover was so dull  that I am surprised that it even caught my eye. Plus I kind of just glance through the pile of books that are marked "hard covers" or "paper backs" as they are mostly fiction novels that don't usually interest me

Ok got to go - a lot to do before this afternoon / evening / night's youth activity. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend


  1. Woohhoo I can join some friends for home made hainanese chicken rice to ichthyornis as enough drivers for the youth activity. :-)

  2. hahaha, i've been learning wing chun for about 3 months now and i doubt i'm good enough at it that i can save myself!

  3. Z, if you are that bad ... I am way worse. Theory but no practical much more pathetic than some practical :-)

    Though I did take a year of judo when I was ... 9 if that counts :-)