Friday, February 4, 2011

More comics to lighten my mood and other ramblings

I am soooo tired today. Two late nights and early wake ups in a row. I actually took coffee the last two days to help me stay alert :-) Sermon's not done. As usual too much material - which is a better problem than not enough material, right? But busyness and "tiredness" does indicate that there's a lot of ministry to be done - which is also a blessing. And after this Sunday I have 3 Sundays break for preaching! Yay! I get to enjoy 2 Sundays of Uncle Max's preaching and one of Murray Stevenson (an incredible missionary to the Congo). Thrilled to be able to get him to speak while he and his wife are back for a short break. Three Sundays in a row of listening to two gifted preachers, missionaries and men of God!

Anyway, I hope to enjoy a less hectic pace during my break from preaching and do more quadrant 2 stuff. Lots of general preaching / teaching preparation to do plus more visitation and a trying to "network" with some local pastors.

Anyway three more funny comics ... First one I don;t identify with personally but I can imagine in my mind some people I know! :-)

The other two I "unfortunately" can "identify with" through personal experience! :-)

Oh yeah, I bought FIFA Manager 10 cheap on trademe. I am going to block some time to play it. I think I am overdue for a change of "scenery" or I am going to "burn out".

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  1. Don't burn yourself out Paul!!
    Blessed CNY to you and your family!!