Friday, December 3, 2010

Ramblings ...Tired but also over-stimulated ?

I am feeling sooooo tired. Clearly not enough sleep BUT strangely am feeling so "hyped up"? So much "nervous energy" :- ) = mind is kind of over stimulated - and NO, it has nothing to do with coffee. I think my adrenaline glans (?) are pumping too much into my system. Guess it is due to so many things happening all at once.

The week so far has not gone exactly as I planned. Was hoping to get my next week's sermon done - and be kind of one ahead? But that's all out of the window. BUT just because things have not worked out as I planned, doesn't mean it hasn't been a fruitful and exciting week (and it's not yet over - got people to visit on Saturday and then 4 hours plus of church games in the afternoon, church service and caroling practice on Sunday, full day of running around on Monday - due to my boys last minute stuff before they fly off! On leave on Tuesday too but my list of to do things is pretty long :-) And tonight home group's closing meeting for the year and I am going to cook my Hokkien Mee!

Some highlights this week - Was nice to drop by Laidlaw College and start to get to know Tim Keel - and am thrilled he agreed to speak at my church next year. Am glad that I was able to be there for someone who had a personal crisis - and see God do His work! Thoroughly enjoyed the HIPPY graduation service and the St. Leonard's Boys Primary school's cultural performance. Superb. Missed the food as I was busy doing balloons for the children and getting to know some people. But it was worth it! Brought 60 balloons and was left with 10! Was a personally encouraging boost for me to have some children come up to me to tell me that they loved my magic show (they saw it in Oct during the Light Party)! And give me some valuable feedback of what tricks they loved the most - my jelly beans trick is now on my "have to do list" for kids shows.

What else, ah ... response to my Sunday sermon was very positive. So pleased that it was very helpful and particularly relevant to those who came to speak to me - and even wanting the sermon audio file to send to friends (which the AV team sadly forgot to record!). Youth committee meeting went well - looks good for 2011!

And last night's Pasifika meeting went well. Got to know a few people and we got along well so I can see good prospects for working together in 2011 - if we can get a common community project to work on.

Ok, gotta go ... work calls!

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