Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec 2010 catch up ramblings

Haven't blogged much on personal stuff of late as I have been .... BUSY (what else? :-))

Been really tired too as so much is happening and working very hard so I can hopefully enjoy my long break to the max! Will be on leave from 20th Dec till the end of the year! Here's what I hope to do during my break, in no particular order - hope I can do most!

1. Sermon preparation / study on Leviticus. No choice as there is no way I can get my first sermon in the series ready before I take my break. But the silver lining is that at least I know there will be no temptation to neglect the study of God's Word while on my break! :-)

Also hope that at least the bulk of the ground work for my Dec 26 sermon can be done by the end of this week ... getting there but it is not the priority as I have my Christmas service message (19th Dec) and my Gospel Magic show (17th Dec) to complete. Tough part about the 19th Dec message is that it is a special evening service and my message has to be SHORT - and I always have way too much material and I struggle with the idea of presenting the gospel in a nutshell. I can do it of course - from a 2 minute presentation to a 15 minute one and everything in-between ... but the pertinent question for me is - would these be a complete and acceptable gospel message and not an over simplified one?!

As for the Gospel Magic show, I find it hard because I have to set up very fast and have to shift mode from guitarist for carolling to "magician and then preacher!" Hard to lug around and make sure my props are ok, and look out for my guitar, song sheets, music stand etc. And what's frustrating is that all my Christmas music CDs have the covers but no CDs - lent it out last year and they all disappeared!

2. Gardening - need to catch up on my weeding which is not too bad a task as it can be therapeutic seeing the weeds removed!  But I also have to mow my lawn! *sigh* That one no fun as the lawn weeds need to be pulled out. The weeds in the planter boxes etc are pretty easy but not the ones in the yard!

3. Clean the house - long overdue - especially the nooks and crannies in the kitchen. It's pretty clean actually so not a problem with green mould or stuff like that but its the time of the year I want to clean up the fridge etc.

4. Work on a fresh magic routine! I need to have something fresh in my repertoire. I am looking forward to viewing the DVDs I recently purchased - arrived this morning! But I have not even taken any out of their cases but put them away lest I be tempted. Hehe, talked to my wife, (who is in Malaysia) yesterday and told her "Don't buy any Christmas present for me! I already bought my own Christmas present!"

5. Work on another food dish! Not sure what but it won't be a dessert as that is next year's project. Perhaps a pork dish? The lamb tangine turned out well but perhaps I had better cook that again once more to work out the kinks.

6. Sleep! Oh yes! I plan to wake up later during my break as I need to catch up :-) Aiming for 8 AM - trouble is that the sun comes up so bright and early in summer and my body just says "get up!". Hmmm.. maybe some afternoon naps in the hall with the air con on!

7. Was thinking of playing some old PC games but

8. Clean up and install software onto my new PC old notebook - this I am not looking forward to. MInd numbing boring task! I inherited my son's notebook ... as he bought a state of the art desktop a few months ago - rich guy! :-) But he deserves it as he earned the money for it. Go Andrew! Anyway I told him that if he got a new PC, the notebook which cost me so much to buy for him when he started university reverts to me. My current notebook is I think 6 years old now and while it still works fine, it is good to have a newer one set up in case anything goes wrong with the old one. And it is faster and has loads more HDD space so I can actually put in all my software!

9. Sit on my front deck in the evenings, sip a cold drink and play the guitar! I have never had the energy or time to do this. Hope my neighbours don't complain if I sing! :-) But I do remember as a teenager doing this with my neighbour - sitting outside the house gate (next to the rubbish bin!) and just jamming. Was very relaxing and fun.

Got to go!

10. One day personal retreat to reflect on the year and prepare for 2011!

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