Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Local school Graduation services

Just dropped my son off to school as he has to be early for band practice for his High School senior prize giving ceremony. I do not need to be there that early so just killing some time in the office.

On the left is the front of the high school invitation
and on the left is HIPPY invitation.
What is so cool for me is to be invited as a special guest for this - meaning I don't have to sit in the "bleachers" / benches on the balcony that is such a pain on my back. I get to sit in front. Not so exciting is that I have been asked to be in the procession (special guests). I have always felt awkward in processions :-) This invitiation might be a small thing for many but to me it is an honour to be an invited special guest as it indicates that the School recognizes me as a Pastor of a local church who has genuine interest in the affairs of the school and local community.

What is a bonus is that when I got in just now, there was waiting for me a letter with another invitation - to the local HIPPY graduation service, which is again to me an honour. Maybe I will bring along my balloons and do some impromptu walk about magic then too. Will be fun! Wasn't asked of course as I do not think the HIPPY teachers know I do magic and balloons ...

I think this is a great opportunity to get to know my local community better and invite some of the community leaders  our annual church neighbourhood Christmas BBQ next month.

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